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Getting a full body checkup nowadays has become a necessity. Read this article to understand why you should not avoid this checkup.

The mistake which we often make is to neglect regular health checkups. Most of us only go for checkups until any symptoms start to show up. The earlier a disease gets detected, the sooner the treatment will also take place, therefore getting regular full health checkup will help you to detect the disease at the right time and will prevent further complications.    

In this article, we look onto the reasons why you should get a full body checkup done.  

What is the full body checkup?

There is no denying that getting a full body checkup can help you to identify a tumor or cancer at its early stage. Brain and pancreatic cancer are particularly deadly when detected late since the survival rate of these conditions are poor. However, the full health check contains a group of blood tests or physical examination that will help to detect any disease or infections. These tests are designed to examine different levels and enzymes in your body.        

What tests are included in this checkup?

A full health checkup is a must-have checkup which includes around 54 to 112 diagnostic tests that aids to identify any health issues before it causes severe symptoms. The tests that are included in this checkup depend on the diagnostic center. However, the common tests are:  

  • Diabetic test
  • Cardiac risk markers
  • Hormones test
  • Electrolytes test
  • Iron deficiency test
  • Lipid profile test
  • Liver function test
  • Pancreatic analysis
  • Kidney function test
  • Thyroid profile test
  • Toxic elements 
  • Vitamin profile test
  • Complete blood count or hemogram test
  • Misc

A healthy lifestyle is something that the majority of us fail to maintain, and unhealthy habits can cause you serious problems. Unhealthy habits are: 

  • If you do not have a healthy diet
  • If you use tobacco
  • If you drink alcohol too much
  • If you are physically inactive
  • If you are overweight

Here are the top 6 reasons why you need this checkup: 

  • Most of us typically do not visit the doctor until the symptoms get worse. However, if you undergo this checkup regularly, you will be able to detect the disease as early as possible, and may also prevent them as this checkup can determine if you are at a risk of developing a disease.     
  • Most healthcare advisers suggest taking this checkup at least once in a year. It will help you to understand if you are close to developing a certain disease, and also detects any disease at the preliminary stage.     
  • There are a number of people who do not have a healthy lifestyle, and do not go for regular checkups, then you can opt for a full body checkup in bangalore. A full health checkup once a year can prevent you from getting any severe disease.   
  • This checkup not only saves your life, it also helps to prevent spending a lot of money. Minor health complications or in their early stage can be cured with proper medications. However, when a disease gets detected at the latter stage then it may require expensive treatment and even hospitalization which can be challenging.    
  • Getting a routine health checkup will give you more information about your health. There are certain types of lifestyle disorders that can be very severe if not treated right away, and some of them can also be manageable through medication and improved lifestyle. Prediabetes is a stage in which the blood sugar level is not too high to be considered as a diabetes condition, and you can actually cure this condition with medicines and a good diet.        
  • Unlike lifestyle disorders, there are a type of diseases which we obtain through genetics, such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer, thalassemia, cystic fibrosis and other gene disorders. Routine health checkup can help in managing these diseases.     

So, these are all the major reasons why you should never neglect a full health checkup. Search for a blood test at bangalore and book your checkup package now.

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