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Tally Prime keyboard shortcuts are available just like Tally shortcut keys for every function. for all of its tasks, minimizing the need for the mouse. The most important TallyPrime shortcuts that any Tally user should be aware of are covered in this article.

Tallyprime keyboard shortcuts:  A Complete List of Keys and Their Functions in TallyPrime

Popular & Common Keyboard TallyPrime Shortcut keys

Alt+GIn the flow of work, to generally open a report and create masters and vouchers.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Ctrl+GIn the flow of work, switch between reports and create masters and vouchers.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
EscClose the currently open screen to switch to the previous screen to remove inputs that have been provided/chosen for a section.Hidden KeyThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+KTo activate the Company top menu.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+YTo open a list of activities that can be used to manage company information.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+ZTo open a list of actions that apply to sharing or exchanging your company’s data.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+OTo open the menu of imports for importing masters, transactions, and bank statements.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+MTo access the e-mail menu, which can be used to send transactions or reports.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+PTo open the print menu for printing transactions or reports.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+ETo open the export menu for exporting masters, transactions, or reports.Top MenuReports, Masters, and Vouchers
F1To access the Help menu.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Ctrl+F1To start a TallyHelp topic based on the open context of the screen.Top MenuThroughout TallyPrime
Ctrl+KTo select the display language that will be used on all screens.Top MenuTally Gateway, About Page, & Reports.
Ctrl+WTo pick the data entry language that applies to all displays.Top MenuTally Gateway, About Page, & Edit Reports
Ctrl+Up/DownTo move in a section from the first/ last menu.Hidden KeyTally Gateway, Top menu
Ctrl+Left/RightTo access the top drop-down menus on the left and right.Hidden KeyTop menu
Home & PgUpTo jump from any line in a list to the first line.Hidden keyThroughout TallyPrime
HomeFrom any spot in a field to the start of the field text.Hidden keyThroughout TallyPrime
End & PgDnTo move from any line in a list to the last line.Hidden keyThroughout TallyPrime
EndTo shift from any location in a field to the text end in the field.Hidden keyThroughout TallyPrime
Up arrowTo return to the previous field.Hidden KeyThroughout TallyPrime
Down arrowTo proceed to the next field.Hidden keyThroughout TallyPrime
Left arrowTo move.Hidden keyThroughout TallyPrime

Keyboard Tally Prime Shortcuts in Reports for speedy operation

Alt+ITo include a voucher in a report.Hidden KeyReports
Alt+2By duplicating a voucher, you can make an entry in the report.Hidden KeyReports
EnterTo dig down from a line in a report.Hidden KeyReports
Alt+DTo remove an entry from a report.Hidden KeyReports
Alt+ATo insert a voucher into a report.Hidden KeyReports
Ctrl+RTo remove report entry.Hidden KeyReports
Alt+TTo hide or view the table details.Hidden KeyReports
Ctrl+UTo view the last hidden line (If more than one line was hidden, continuously clicking this shortcut will restore the last hidden line first and then the others).Hidden KeyReports
Shift+EnterTo make information in a report expand or collapseHidden KeyReports
Ctrl+EnterTo make changes to a master when entering vouchers or from drill-down.Hidden KeyReport
Alt+F1To view a detailed or condensed version of the report.Right ButtonReports
Alt+F5To see details of entries together at once.Right ButtonReports
Space barSelecting or deselecting a line in a report.Hidden KeyReports
Shift + Space barA line in a report can be selected or deselected.Hidden KeyReports
Shift+Up/DownMultiple lines in a report can be linearly selected and deselected.Hidden KeyReports
Ctrl + Space BarAll lines in a report can be selected or deselected.Hidden KeyReports
Ctrl+Shift+EndSelect or deselect lines to the end.Hidden KeyReports
Ctrl+Shift+ Home  To select or deselect lines until the top.Hidden KeyReports
Ctrl+Alt+ITo the inverse selection of report line items.Hidden KeyReports
Alt+VTo launch the GST Portal.Right buttonStatutory Reports
Alt+CFor adding a new column.Right ButtonReports
Alt+ATo make changes in a column.Right ButtonReports
Alt+DA column can be deleted.Right buttonReports
Alt+NTo automatically repeat columns.Right ButtonReports
Alt+F12To filter report data using a specified set of conditions.Right ButtonReports
Ctrl+F12To compute balances using vouchers that fulfill the chosen criteria.Right ButtonReports
Ctrl+BTo display values in a report in diverse ways.Right ButtonReports
Ctrl+HTo switch views for displaying details of reports in diverse views.Right ButtonReports
Ctrl+JTo display the exceptions connected to a report.Right ButtonReports

Keyboard TallyPrime Shortcuts keys for Reports, Vouchers & Masters

+To proceed to the following context artifact. To increment the date of the report or to be in a sequence of the next reports displayed.Hidden KeyMasters, Vouchers, and Reports
To proceed to the previous context artifact. To decrement the date of the report or to be in a sequence of previous reports displayed.Hidden KeyMasters, Vouchers, and Reports
F2To modify the voucher entry date or reporting period.Right ButtonMasters, Vouchers, and Reports
Ctrl+ATo approve or save a screen.Hidden KeyMasters, Vouchers, & Reports
Alt+EnterTo expand or collapse a table group.Hidden KeyMasters, Vouchers, & Reports
Ctrl+EndTo navigate to the final field or final line.Hidden KeyMasters, Vouchers, & Reports
Ctrl+HomeTo navigate to the first field or line.Hidden KeyMasters, Vouchers, and Reports
Alt+F2To alter the entry date of a voucher or the reporting period.Right ButtonThroughout TallyPrime
Ctrl+NTo show or hide the calculator panel.Hidden KeyThroughout TallyPrime
Ctrl+QTo quit a screen or an application.Hidden KeyThroughout TallyPrime

Keyboard Shortcut Keys Across Tally Prime for Data Processing

Ctrl+Alt+RTo revise or edit data.Hidden KeyThroughout TallyPrime
Alt+ZFor Data synchronisation.Top MenuThroughout Tallyprime
Alt+F4To close the application.Hidden keyThroughout Tallyprime
Ctrl+Alt+BTo examine the build data.Hidden KeyThroughout TallyPrime
Ctrl+Alt+TTo display TDL/Add-on details.Hidden KeyThroughout TallyPrime


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