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Graduation is undoubtedly one of the most exciting days in most people’s lives. In many ways, life after graduation is the first step towards true adulthood. It is the beginning of their professional lives. While this may appear to be simple when one has a degree, getting that first job is not. Nowadays, most employers prefer experienced candidates. However, in order to gain the necessary experience, one must first find work. This is where consulting firms like Revature can help. They are regarded as a significant launching pad for entry-level technology talent.

Revature Makes it Simple for Young Tech Professionals to Land their First Job

Finding the ideal job is difficult, especially for those with no prior experience. Most so-called “entry-level” jobs today require two to three years of experience, particularly in the field of technology. Many major corporations even ask recent graduates to volunteer or do an internship for little or no pay. This is not to say that the situation is hopeless for first-time job seekers. In fact, unemployment has fallen and there are a record number of job openings. Employers in specific industries are even struggling to find adequately qualified candidates for a variety of roles. As the job market tightens, recent graduates will have more opportunities.

Skills in the Field of Technology

Over the last few decades, the technology sector has grown steadily. In fact, the supply of employees with specialized skills in the field of technology is less than the increasing demand. As a result, the job market is favorable for students with a technical degree. However, this does not imply that major corporations will hire candidates who lack relevant experience.

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Rather, many employers today try to mitigate risk by hiring consulting firms that recruit, vet, and manage inexperienced graduates. Graduates should consider working for one of these companies as their first job. This procedure makes it simple to find work at one of the major technology companies.


While there are numerous employment consulting firms available today, they are not all created equal. It is critical to find a dependable and dedicated one among them, such as Revature. This company takes the ‘no-experience’ dilemma seriously, and has built its entire business around assisting recent graduates in developing skills and experience that will allow them to not only get their first job, but also build a career. They begin by recognising each candidate’s worth and talent, and then assist them in honing the skills that will make them a valuable contributor to any organization’s long-term success.


Revature pays candidates to learn the most in-demand technology skills after they graduate. Following their training, the candidates are placed as an associate with one of the consulting firm’s major clients. They ensure that candidates receive the necessary ongoing support and development to excel in their careers.

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