SEO (search engine optimization) is both nerve-wracking and fun. It depends on the knowledge and experience of a person. If a person or a company is well-versed in SEO, then it is not a daunting task, yet it requires knowledge and skills to implement and consider the most significant SEO factors. This checklist will help you increase your Google ranking. These Top 5 SEO ranking factors in 2023 can have an impact on how your website looks and appears on Google’s search engine result page (SERP). 

The Top 5 SEO ranking elements include technical SEO as well as quality content written in a specific way. A well-groomed Manchester SEO agency must have all the know-how of these factors. It’s amazing to see how simple changes in the layout of your website and in the content you write can make a significant difference in your Google ranking. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Top 5 SEO ranking factors and how you can improve your website’s rankings. 

Top five Factors to consider for effective SEO in 2023

1. Content Quality: 

It’s a common saying: Content is King. Google searches for websites that provide useful content. This means that you must provide valuable, rich information to readers. No fluff. Google’s algorithms can detect redundant sentences that are used to lengthen an article. 

The battle is not over by providing valuable content. Making your posts accessible is the second part. Google uses different metrics for determining the readability of your article. 

The Flesch-Kincaid reading Index is a popular scale you can use. This number ranges from 0-100 and indicates the level of complexity in English text. The lower the number, the more difficult the text to read and understand. You want to create text scoring above 60. This is “good.” 

2. Mobile Responsive website 

Google’s utmost priority is to provide a streamlined experience to its users. It is crucial to create a mobile-friendly website. Nowadays, more than 50% of searches are conducted through mobile phones. This is why using a mobile responsive website is a good choice. Top SEO agencies like Creative Marketing use these types of website templates. It automatically adjusts its size and format according to the web browser that is being used. 

3. Link Building

An experienced Manchester SEO agency pays most of its attention to link building of a website because it is very crucial. To index websites, search engines use trust ranks to determine which sites they can trust. Backlinks, which are high-quality websites linking to the website, are a key indicator of trust rank. Google uses both internal and external links in its trust rank calculation. This is why link building is so important to improve Google’s ranking. 

4. Page Load Speed 

Your page load speed is a key factor in achieving a high-ranking SEO rank. Google wants its visitors to have the best search experience. They want the search results to be relevant to the user’s intent, but they also want the user to have an enjoyable experience on your site. 

5. Keyword Difficulty 

Keyword discovery is crucial when it comes to content creation. It is more difficult to rank certain keywords than others. How you phrase your keywords will impact how you write content. 

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