Video Descriptions

When it comes to getting your content to appear in search results on YouTube and Google, your YouTube video description is critical for increasing organic YouTube views. When writing the best YouTube video descriptions, consider what information you want to give viewers about your video. Include your target keyword and related keywords in the video description to ensure you’re using SEO. We also recommend that you include a link to similar content that you own (a link to a blog post on the same topic, for instance).


Through tags, the YouTube algorithm can quickly learn about the subject of your video. To get organic YouTube views, keep your tags relevant to your brand and content; avoid using irrelevant tags in the hope of improving your search engine ranking. You might at first, but YouTube’s algorithm will change your rankings as viewers move on from your content. After all, YouTube wants users to stay on the site, so if your content isn’t engaging them, it won’t be ranked highly.

Establish a Community

One of the advantages of producing YouTube videos is that you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche and sector. Because of your expertise, people will start looking for you. You can keep them interested by forming a community. Building a community on YouTube doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply responding to comments on your videos, providing additional relevant content, and consistently adding value to their lives is a great place to start getting organic YouTube views. A community area can also be created on the platform:

Collaboration With Other Artists

Without hesitation, collaborate with YouTube influencers and other creators. This type of cross-promotion benefits both parties and effectively increases your organic YouTube views reach. Collaborations are simple: two or more YouTubers work together to create a unique video for each of their channels. To get started, find another YouTuber with a similar audience. After that, extend your hand and make your case.

Hold a Contest

Holding a contest is one of our favorite free strategies for promoting a YouTube channel and getting organic YouTube views. Contests, when done correctly, can boost your organic YouTube views without artificially inflating them with people who are only there to enter the contest and aren’t actually interested in your brand or content. Contests tend to garner a lot of attention.

We recommend giving away something directly related to your expertise to discourage people who aren’t actually interested from entering. Regardless of your niche, you must be able to think of something interesting to give away. If you work as a life coach, you might be offered a free goal-setting session or even a month of weekly life coaching sessions. The more valuable the prize, the more people want to win it.

Keep in mind that the contest’s goal is to increase the number of organic YouTube views on your channel. Include your channel’s subscription as a prerequisite for entry!


Facebook is used by over 2.8 billion people on a daily basis. Despite the fact that Facebook users are generally older, it has a consistent reach. To share your YouTube videos with your Facebook friends, simply click the Share button on YouTube. Facebook, like the majority of social media platforms, prefers user-generated content meaning. Instead of simply sharing your YouTube video on Facebook, create a teaser or sneak peek video and link to YouTube for the full video. We also recommend creating a Facebook page to separate your personal life from your brand. This is how you can increase organic YouTube views.

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