Hindu Calendar 

In Hindu Panchang or Calendar, each day of the week has a significant place to change your life positively. According to the Hindu calendar, each day begins with a new sunrise. Also, each weekday marks a new beginning with fresh opportunities and hopes to cherish positive vibes within your soul. The calculation of the weekdays is important to begin any auspicious work. One day is of 24 hours and consists of 24 Horas. Each Hora is one hour. 

According to the ruling Hora of the day, each weekday is marked. The planets from which the names of different weekdays are: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Sun is at the centre of the solar system. Therefore the first day of the week is dedicated to the Sun and is called Sunday or Ravivar. Get more information about the importance of weekdays from the leading astrology apps

Effects of each Vaar or Day as mentioned in Hindu Panchang 

According to the Hindu Panchang, the first weekday is the Moon Hora from the Sun. The weekdays are divided into two forms based on their virtue and temperament. The planets like Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are gentle in nature. On the other hand, the Sun, Mars, and Saturn are rather cruel. You can prefer any weekday ruled by the gentle planets rather than choosing the weekdays ruled by tough planets. 

The following are the effects of each weekday according to the Hindu calendar: 

  • Sunday/ Ravivar  

As mentioned in the Hindu Calendar, the Sun marks the first day of the week. Hence, the first weekday is named Ravivar. You can prefer this day to begin any work regarding military, science, drugs, arms, food grains, gold, silver, sale and purchase of copper, legal works, etc. The people born on this day are considered lucky and are believed to have a long lifespan. They strive to get prestigious positions in the field of art and education. However, these people are introverted and are also keen on spiritual aspects. 

  • Monday/ Somvar 

Let’s come on the second day of the week. The second day is called Somvar or Monday. You can prefer this day to start any auspicious work in the fields of education, surgery, agriculture, travel, new clothes, precious gems, etc. People born on this day are cheerful and talkative in nature. They are soft-spoken and have a sweet speaking tone. They are generally wise persons and have skilled behaviour. People born on this day with any physical disorder might be troubled by coughs and colds. They can suffer at the age of 9, 12, and 27. 

  • Wednesday/ Budhvar

The third weekday is Budhvar or Wednesday. The day is ruled by Mercury. You can choose this day to begin any work related to novel writing, accounting, advocacy, vehicle purchasing, administration, and monetary works. People born on this day are spiritual by nature. These people are intelligent and soft-spoken. People born on this day might suffer at the age of 8 and 22. 

  • Thursday/ Guruvar

Thursday or Guruvar is the fourth day of the week. Jupiter is the master planet of the day. It is the most auspicious day to perform any task related to science, justice, land, purchasing of ornaments, marriage, foreign travel, etc. These people are known for their intelligence, and they have the capability to handle any tough situation in life wisely. They have a broad friend circle. Hoeber, there are chances that these people can face tough situations at the age of 7, 12, 13, and 30. 

  • Friday/ Shukravar

Shukravar, or Friday, marks the fifth day of the week. Venus rules the day. The day is most auspicious for any work related to agriculture. Also, you can start any work related to the fields of music, drama, action, poetry, business, and romantic relationships. These people are naturally tolerant, which signifies that they can cope with any difficult life situations. People born on this day generally have a special interest in the field of art. The age of 20 and 24 may be troubling to them. 

  • Saturday/ Shanivar

The last day of the week is Saturday or Shanivar. Saturn is the ruling planet of this day. You can choose this day to start any machinery-related work, iron, wood, oil, arms, etc. Purchasing goods, religious works, and constructing new houses are considered inauspicious on this day. People born on this day are interested in agricultural work and business. There are chances that these people may face severe difficulties at the age of 20, 25, and 45. 


If you want to learn more about the importance of weekdays, you can consult a reputed astrologer. They can guide you in a better way to get in-depth knowledge of the hidden power of the planets. You can also take suggestions from a “My astrologer” app. 

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