In the era of chaos and disorders in one’s life, everyone wants inner peace and tranquillity. Most internet users are searching intensely for how to bring inner peace. Many readers are curious to read books about getting mental peace. So, here in this blog, you can find ways to create inner peace and tranquillity.

Many psychologists stated that the greatest desire of humans is to find inner peace in the crowded world, though finding it is not hard. The best asset is nowadays having peace of mind and contentment of heart. Lacking peace and tranquillity will let you become a victim of depression and anxiety. 

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According to many philosophers, people can only be happy in their lives if they have something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Focusing on these three aspects of life will engage your mind and avoid other necessary things causing you depression. 

To maintain your inner peace, you have to follow certain tips, they are: Also learn about our Online Pashto Course.

  • Majesty of Allah 
  • Know the reality of life
  • Remember Allah
  • Be patient with Allah’s decree
  • Be thankful 

Majesty of Allah 

Every day, you should know and understand the majesty and greatness of Allah SWT. If you are irritated by seeing around to the mortal structures and happiness, then understand that all these things are nothing in front of Allah; all they and us belong to Allah SWT and shall return whenever He summons. Keep the belief in mind that Allah SWT is the greatest and Lord of everything we see, hear, feel, smell, eat, or even abstract from our naked eyes. 

Know the reality of this life

As discussed above, all your discomfort and anxieties are happening due to the material benefits you see around. If you consider them useless, you will have no respect for them. So, you and we should focus on that eternal life coming after death. So, don’t waste your time overthinking; keep in mind the importance of eternal life.

Remember Allah 

Those who remember Allah all the time will have the reward in both lives. Remembering Allah washes the grudges from your heart and raise the love of Allah in your heart. Once you have made strong relation with Allah SWT, then the material benefits will spade away from your heart, which made you disappointed and restless. Remembering Allah is the only perfect way for your inner peace and tranquillity. 

Be patient with Allah’s decree

Allah SWT is the best planner. Whenever you think you are failed and your prayers are not replied to, then instead of becoming sad and hopeless, be patient with Allah’s decree because He is the best planner and has planned something better than your expectation. The best way to mental peace and tranquillity is becoming agree with Allah’s decisions. Sometimes, you don’t understand the planning of Allah; in that situation, stay firm in your belief in Allah, and be patient with His decree. 

Be thankful 

Be thankful in every condition. Sometimes, you get disheartened by knowing that you don’t have enough wealth as your other friend or relative. That time is thankful because these factors lead you toward frustration. So, always compare yourself with those who have lesser than you. Believe me; there might be certain people who only can dream of living a life like you, the life that you think is useless. So, thanking Allah in every situation will sharpen your belief more efficiently.   


Inner peace and tranquillity lie in following the directions of faith and getting knowledge. To know more about faith and learn Quran and Hadith online, click on You can also register yourself in language learning classes.  

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