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The transition may be exciting, but it also seems a bit daunting. Choosing your vape kit and deciding on your E liquid are some severe concerns. Indeed, you may need to select the fitting vape kit or suitable E liquid to get the optimum flavor, cloud production, throat hit or nicotine rush. Indeed, your overall vaping experience may be ruined for no good reason. Furthermore, your wrong choice may also cause damage to your vape kit. To ensure the perfect vaping experience, all these components and the coil resistance must comply. A wide range of E liquid flavours in vape available at different online retailers has made a choice even more complex. 

An E-liquid mainly comprises four essential ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and the flavor of your choice. Due to its composition, a vape pen has been considered a relatively safe option than a tobacco cigarette containing approximately 7000 chemical compounds. However, your overall vaping experience depends upon the final composition of cheap vape juice. Consequently, there are the following affordable E-liquid UK types to choose from. 

Premium Types of E liquid 

You don’t get to worry about choosing your E-liquid if you vape a disposable vape pen. However, if you want a tailored experience according to your choice, you will need to know the basics in detail. 

PG E liquids

PG cheap E liquids or vape E liquids with high PG are the first go-to choice among smokers. PG E-liquid in vape is runnier and makes the best choice for starter vape kits. It vaporizes quickly, requires less power, and works well with vapes. Furthermore, if you like heavy nicotine amounts in your vape, PG E juice is what you need. It gives you an intense throat hit and perfectly replicates the smoking experience. High PG cheap E liquid serves an optimum vaping experience at low temperatures as nicotine hits you the best using the PG-based E liquid for vape products in the UK.

VG E liquids 

Cheap vape juice is thicker in consistency and requires more power to vaporize in general. It is best known for making big clouds. Consequently, vapers don’t get enough choices for the vaping kit. Furthermore, high VG cheap E liquid UK also suites direct to lung vapers because it serves you a dense throat hit. On the contrary, high VG cheap vape juice may cause chest problems, due to which using lower nicotine strengths with high VG E-liquid vape in the UK is preferable. 


Shortfill E-liquid in vaping is not an E-liquid type; instead, it refers to a unique packaging style. To comply with the updated TPD regulations, manufacturers have devised a new way of packaging that seems complicated to some people. However, it is pretty straightforward. Indeed, shortfills are designed for the ultimate flexibility for users and manufacturers. Each shortfill bottle contains 50ml of the cheap E-liquid UK in a 60ml bottle to which you can add the nicotine shot bought separately. You can also add your favourite flavorings to your taste that suffices your desire impeccably. 

50/50 E liquid in vape

For the well-versed vapers, 50/50 E liquid is the standard vape that gives you a balanced feel of both the high PG and high VG E liquids. 50/50 juice is well-suited for most vapers because it offers intense flavors, the right balance of solid throat hit & nicotine rush, and moderate clouds. 

So, which E liquid is the best for a starter vape pen?

Typically, vapers start with a cheap vape kit, and then they choose the advanced pen as they get to know their taste and liking. Hence, we recommend you to take start with a 50/50 vape juice with as much nicotine as suits you. For example, a seasoned smoker would have much higher amounts of nicotine than a social smoker who is not yet addicted to nicotine. 

As far as the flavors of the cheap E liquid are concerned, that’s a trial-and-hit method. There are tens to hundreds of different flavors available from other brands. However, you can start choosing any E-liquid in vape from the mint and menthol range or fruity sweet flavours. Moreover, if you don’t want to miss out on the natural feel of smoking tobacco, you can also choose from tobacco flavours. In short, you must try it out and choose the best one for your vape. 

Some valuable tips for vaping 

At cheap vape liquidwe are wary of all your needs and desires. Therefore, we have all our range tailored to serve you the best vape experience. Here are some tips from our vape maestros to make it even more exotic for you. 

1. Start slow

As mentioned above, starting with a starter vape kit is always best. Later, you can try different things and work your way to the advanced vape mods. 

2. Your comfort is the priority.

Different people respond to E liquid vaping in the UK differently. Hence, if you ever feel discomfort, it may be due to your sensitivity towards high PG E liquid. Therefore, you must shift to VG if you observe any allergic reactions. Indeed, your comfort is the most important. 

3. Enjoy your vaping 

As we have mentioned, there are tens to hundreds of savory flavours; it is never a good idea to limit yourself to the few specific ones you have liked initially. Exploring new flavours will always satisfy you. 

In the end, vaping is all about you, how you like it and enjoy it. So, choose the best E-liquid to vape and vape away.

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