Inquire With Your Audience About Their Preferences

With the Poll Sticker, you can delve into the important points. In a collection of stories, ask your audience whether they would choose “this” or “that.” Tea or coffee, spring or fall, seashore or mountains…the possibilities are limitless!

Organize an Ask Me Anything session (AMA)

Allow your target Instagram audience to get to know you via the internet by hosting a Q&A series about your stories (using the question sticker). Share your responses along with relevant images or videos for an even more appealing experience.–the-greatest-shortcut-to-pass-exam.html

Share Posts From Your Community In Which You’ve Been Tagging

Scroll through your tagged stories, mentions, and photos to find the posts. Then, on your Stories, share a collection of tagged posts with relevant captions and stickers.

Release a Promo Code Only on Stories

Offer a 24-hour sale and promote it exclusively on your Stories. Promote the sale on your feed and Reels in the days leading up to the launch, and then only provide the promo code and sale details on your Stories on the day of.

Promote Your Product Line

The Shop decal is a great way to promote products on Instagram Stories if you have an Instagram Shop. Give your target market a rundown of your most recent releases, walk them through unique styles, or, as previously mentioned, host a Stories sale.

Create Excitement for an Upcoming Event

Use the Countdown or Scheduled sticker to promote upcoming events or live streams. The countdown sticky label can be used for anything, whereas the scheduled sticker is associated with your “Add Reminder” posts.

Accept Suggestions and Feedback from Your Audience

You can use the Question sticky label, similar to an AMA, to ask your target market for business, product, or social media-specific feedback. Gather their responses and use them to improve your strategy.

Share Exclusive Content With Your List of Close Friends

This underutilized strategy is an excellent way to build stronger relationships with your most ardent supporters. Keep an eye out for followers who are frequently in your DMs and engaging with your content. Add these people to your Close Friends list and give them early access to special content.

Increase Public Awareness of a Social Issue

Select a nonprofit from Instagram’s catalog of organizations, set a goal, and encourage your target audience to donate using the Donation sticker.

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