So, Miss Cleopatra wanted to host a beauty tips website. She reached the experts in the UK (yes) and then asked about what to do. They revealed to her some terms like SEO, link building, web design, off page, etc. Now, after all these thousand years she suffers from a financial crunch and thus asks – “which is better between SEO and Link Building?” Similar questions arise around these days if to invest in SEO or to hire the Best link building services uk says. There are SEO packages and there also are link building packages like – . What to invest into?

Hint – SEO is like a whistle and link building is like moving waters below your boat.

What to choose between SEO and Link Building!

This question often gets asked by beginners trying to get higher on SERP. But it is good to ask questions than stay silent in the corner. It helps one understand things from a deeper perspective.

We will discuss it all about SEO and link building and what to choose between them. But before this let us understand how the internet works. It will help us understand the difference between SEO and link creation.

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How does the internet work?

It might seem like a usual thing today. However, know that there was no real internet before 1990s. It was the 1960s when the experiments were being done on creating a technology that could help people interact using wires. The first so-called internet was ARPANET which connected the University of California and Stanford Research Institute. It was later called the internet.

The purpose of the internet is to let people interact with each other using data packets. What are data packets? Ever observed that your pictures in your phone are using some space. Suppose a picture you have just clicked is of 10 MB. What your phone will do is to divide this data into smaller data packets with the sender’s and receiver’s addresses. These data packets are made of bytes. A byte is made of 8 bits. A bit is an arrangement of 0 and 1. These combinations of 0s and 1s are translated into waves which then get received at the other end and converted and arranged back into a full 10 MB picture. It all happens like a Morse code.

How these data packets get transported depends on protocols that we call TCP and IP.

But it gets more complex when we talk about websites and people. Different websites represent different ideologies and people with these ideologies connect thereafter with them. Google acts as a mediator to connect those seeking each other. For example, it will help connect a person looking for SEO and link-building services with a company that provides these services. But how will it come to know about these both? This is where these few things come –

It is a true replica of how we interact with each other in the real world.

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of guidelines that helps create a sense of understanding between websites and search engines. These both are an arrangement of data and SEO is a bridge to create an understanding between them. In the real world, you could reach a person and ask about where the nearest pizza shop is. It will work because humans have intelligence that is able to comprehend the complex language we interact in.

Search Engines and websites on the other hand are not intelligent and require some steps to be followed to work. For example, you use primary keywords and optimise your web page according to it to indicate Google that you are speaking about these keywords. Similarly, when a user comes to Google and searches for these keywords, Google looks into its database for different websites that have the ability to serve the user. It uses hundreds of factors to evaluate the quality of these websites. Once done, it shows the results on the SERP.

Here are the things that get taken care of in SEO –

  • Keyword research
  • Anchor text
  • tags, description, meta description, alt. text, etc.
  • sitemap generation and submission.
  • reading scores
  • User Intent
  • Analysis or performance and adjustment thereafter
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local SEO

These are all the terms that work on creating a clear and better understanding between the search engines and the websites. The finer the quality the better for the internet. SEO becomes complex and technical when the competition gets high as more factors get involved. This is why companies look for SEO services. But when do you require to hire the best link building services UK, PerfectLinkBuilding asks! Is there really a requirement or not?

What is link building?

We, humans, are social animals and live in a society that works on certain factors. For example, if a person is being revered and is on the throne, we generally think of that person as superior. Or when a person holds expert knowledge about a subject, we seek that person to gain and also recommend that person to others. It creates a social network that we know there is but is not visible.

It is similar in the case of the internet. Suppose there are 100 websites that claim to be selling mobile phones for cats. Whom would you believe? For this, search engines look at social signals (just as we do in the real-world). Link Building is a part of this. It indicates to Google how well the website is connected with others on the internet and what is the quality of these connections.

The creation of backlinks (the links that get created in link building) is not enough. Anyone can do it. This is why search engines filter these backlinks through hundreds of factors. Some of these factors are known and some are not! This is why big companies invest in hiring the best link building services in UK, PerfectLinkBuilding said. Here are some of the known link building factors –

  • Age of domain
  • The niche of the websites linking
  • Security standards of the websites
  • proximity and location of the domains
  • DA and PA scores
  • past behaviour
  • social signals around the websites linking
  • servers on which they are getting hosted

These are the areas that backlinks get assessed through apart from tens and hundreds that are not known.

What to choose between SEO and Link Building then?

Well, we now have an answer for Cleopatra. If you are suffering from some financial crunch, you might want to spend some on link building and look for some best link building services in UK, PerfectLinkBuilding said. It is comparatively tougher than SEO. You can handle SEO by yourself after getting proper knowledge. It will take time and effort too.

If you are looking for some link building packages, check out . Might be your business needs the link to grow with grace in this highly competitive world.

The thing to take care of is to staying up to date when it comes to the internet, its protocols, and its guidelines.

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