Door-to-Door Delivery

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The annual delivery performance of European transport and logistics companies exceeds 650 million tons of various goods. A significant proportion of them is transported using the door-to-door delivery method. This allows the consignee not to waste time picking up their goods, because their order is delivered home, to the office, warehouse or production site at the specified address.

Door-to-Door Delivery Benefits

This method of transporting goods is characterised by the following:‎

  • Easy Reach. The transport and logistics company is responsible for paperwork and delivery of the order. This means that the consignee only needs to wait for the arrival of their goods.
  • Fast Delivery. The primary method of delivery is by road, which makes it possible to receive ordered goods as soon as possible.
  • Advantageous Transport. The consignor is aware of the exact cost of delivery from one point to another, as well as the collection of any surcharges and commissions, if any.
  • Reliable Delivery. The carrier is held liable for the freight it transports, and guarantees its integrity and safety. Transport and logistics companies provide freight insurance against various risks.

The door-to-door delivery method is in particular demand when it is necessary to carry out the transportation of LCL cargo and perform prompt delivery of the cargo using an express delivery service. ‎ ‎


Door-to-door delivery is performed using only one mode of transport, by road, because a truck, unlike an airplane, ship or train, can drive up to any facility. It is the most common mode of transport for freight transportation in ‎ Europe, with the use rate of 40% of the total volume of deliveries. Trucks are used either only as one mode of transport, or in combination with other modes of transport (multimodal transportation). For instance, the consignor’s merchandise is carried to the port by road, then it is delivered by ship from one port to another, and again by road from the port to the consignee. In addition, road transport is often combined with rail and air transport.

Road transport also has a number of benefits:‎

  • Now, it is not difficult to deliver goods by road to any place in the world where there is a roadway. For instance, the world has more than 23 million kilometres of roads, and the UK road kilometrage exceeds 398,000 km. In most cases, there are several ways to get to a certain destination, and this fact is important to take into account, for instance, when transporting out-of-gauge cargo. Thus, products whose height exceeds 4 metres may not be transported under bridges or through railway crossings equipped with overhead wires.‎
  • Transportation services can be provided for any freight, from livestock to hazardous gases. It is possible to choose a suitable vehicle for each product. For instance, timber and oil products are transported in logging trucks and special tanks, respectively, lowboys are used to carry special-purpose machinery, and horses can be transported by horse carriers.
  • For motor transport, it can be used to deliver goods 24/7, because road freight transport does not depend on the schedule of seaports or airports, which allows to make the delivery time shorter. However, here, force majeure circumstances may occur, too, for instance, delivery during icy condition of roads, heavy rains, or snowfall is simply unsafe.

Besides, another feature of road transport is moderate rates.‎

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