Covid-19 has left a strange fear in the hearts of our people. No one wants to face the destruction of Covid-19 again. The government has also implied some rules and regulations for our safety. Furthermore, Covid-19 tests have become a demand, like a passport for travelers. PCR test is one of the most reliable tests that travelers prefer before moving to another country. You just got the PCR test and now waiting for its results. If you need clarification about your isolation till your results, you will find the answer to your confusion in this article.

PCR Test

The full name of the PCR test is Polymerase Chain Reaction. It detects Covid-19 genetic material in the human body and gives results within 24 hours. This test takes more time than the antigen test because scientists amplify the targeted fragment of human DNA to locate the virus’s genetic material. Do not worry because you will no need to get a needle inside your skin to collect the sample because the PCR test only involves the swabbing in the nose or throat to collect some samples.

PCR Testing Kit and Its Use

PCR testing kits are available in the market, and you can also order them from authentic online test organizations, such as Official Rapid Tests. PCR testing kit contains a cotton swabbing bar and a solution tube. Below are the steps by which you can run your PCR test at home;

  1. Open the solution tube and set it aside.
  2. Clean your hand, grab the swabbing bar, and rub it into your nostrils.
  3. Dip the bar in the solution tube for a few seconds. Let the specimen of your nose blend with the solution.
  4. Remove the bar from the tube, close it, and dispatch it to the lab for testing.

When to Get PCR Test?

There is no specification for a PCR test. You can get it any time to your satisfaction. It becomes mandatory when you have Covid-19 symptoms, or you have to move to another country. Covid-19 symptoms include cough, fever, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and failure of smell and taste senses.

Need of Isolation till PCR Test Reports

After sending a sample tube to the lab, a person must wait 24 hours for results. If you feel some symptoms of Covid-19, you must isolate yourself as protective measures. You can be the carrier of Covid-19; therefore, some personal safeguards can be helpful for your nearer ones. However, if you take a PCR test for your flawless flight, you do not need to quarantine yourself before PCR test reports.

Order a PCR Test kit from Official Rapid Tests

Whatever your purpose is, you can order a PCR testing kit on the online website of Official Rapid Tests. They provide the most authentic and CE-labeled kits to their customers. Furthermore, you will not need to follow their timings because they stay open 24/7 for buyers. You just got the PCR test and now waiting for its result The most significant advantage of their service is that their certificate is acceptable by major travel destinations.

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