The previous “big” seasons are now grown up, but not necessarily bold; Rather “smarter” or “more worthy”. There is a strong sense that craftsmanship is here to stay, and consumer appreciation for handmade jewelry is beginning to develop. Small-scale studios have never been more accessible to independent makers, making design options even more expansive for custom clients.

hatton garden jewellers are more innovative than ever with new textures, shapes and materials. Antique jewelry of all ages is still in fashion, as many jewelers are often contacted by customers who offer their pieces for conversion. Tribal and Far Eastern design elements continue to be a strong feature of current designs.  
New arrangements in the form of multiple finger loops, ear cuffs and upper arm details (to name a few) have become fashion staples over the years. Many jewelers are now actively experimenting with new concepts, while others are beginning to explore new shapes and layouts that other jewelers have already tried to see if they are well received by customers. Will it be done – only you will be able to gauge how your customers will react to the new pieces.

Black will dominate this A/W in both clothing and jewellery, which means there’s good news for jewelers on two fronts. Black stones, beads and metallic finishes will be very popular as jewelery components, and the dominance of black fabrics provides the perfect backdrop for bold jewellery.

The automatic bohemian look of layered pendants and beads is still popular, although as with other long-lasting trends, it’s always wise to introduce a new interpretation in the new season – it gives customers an excuse to buy a new one.
Personalized jewelry has become a popular product over the years. Customers still tend to wear the particular piece that has sentimental or symbolic meaning to them. Often these elements are lighter and more refined in design. Bold and luxurious jewelry with a subtle mix of design influences, colors and surface treatments. Jewelry artists have the opportunity to explore their creativity and the jewelry buying crowd wants to try something new.

As with all trends, it’s important to know your customers and develop a strategy for reaching new customers. Lifestyles are changing and shopping habits are adapting to new technologies. Be prepared to promote your business on as many different platforms as possible. Due to the constant distance from the high streets, customers are increasingly turning to the internet to find that unique ‘thing’, and recently a large number of online stores have appeared to cater to this market. They are all carefully designed and developed with the buyer in mind, and you may want to consider selling your business through these types of online retailers.
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