Choosing a painting by numbers

Coloring painting by numbers can not be called a purely adult activity. If the child is properly prepared for this task, he will be able to cope with it no worse. To do this, you only need the right motivation, and it can consist in a plot that will interest the child and encourage him to finish work on the picture as quickly as possible.

Topic selection

It is not necessary to focus on classical stereotypes, according to which boys like only weapons and cars, and girls like dolls and pink tones. All children are different, so you should listen to their opinion and not impose your own, because otherwise an occupation that was supposed to be a pleasant entertainment will turn into torture.

For your child, you can order a painting by numbers for adults of varying degrees of complexity: from very simple to requiring certain drawing skills. But the main thing is that it will be a picture with an interesting plot for your child

Modern paintings by numbers often contain stories from famous cartoons, allowing to arouse the child’s interest. Especially good if it’s his favorite cartoon. You can show your son or daughter in advance that this coloring book is not just entertainment that will take time. The painting will go to his room after the completion of the work, which will allow him to constantly admire it and proudly show the result of his work to friends.

Which type of paintings is better

As a rule, the best option will be paintings with a radial structure and a minimum number of small elements, for which even the most diligent child may not have enough patience. It is best to start coloring from the center — this way there will be less chance to lubricate the already finished part of the drawing.

A painting by numbers with a color scheme printed on canvas can be a good help to facilitate a creative task. Then the child will not have to look at the numbers, and he will be able to focus directly on the shades that he sees in front of him. This approach will allow not only to paint the picture faster, but also to improvise a little, choosing tones that are similar in color and trying to realize smooth transitions between individual fragments. These skills acquired in the process will later help to develop hand motor skills and improve their results in the school curriculum in fine arts.



listen to the child;

let him dream a little;

do not demand a perfect result – any result is a unique work.

And most importantly – do not scold the child for the mistakes made. If this is his first painting, you just need to buy him the next one so that his skills increase with each new drawing.

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