A large number of people are concerning about the question “can we perform Umrah on behalf of others”. We are here for you with a complete answer to this question by reference of great scholars.

What is Umrah?

In Islam, Muslim’s visit to the holy Kaaba is called Umrah. Muslims believe Kaaba as a sacred house of Allah, which is situated in Makkah, a city of Saudi Arabia. Umrah is a holy act in Islam. Millions of Muslim visit Makkah each year across the globe. Each Muslim can perform Umrah at any time of the year. Muslims perform Umrah for cleaning all sins of past life. You should visit the Umrah travel agency to book your seat for Umrah.

Can we perform Umrah on behalf of others?

The answer to the question “can we perform Umrah on behalf of others” is yes. But conditions for alive and dead people differ.

 Person who died

You can perform Umrah on behalf of your beloved person who is not in this world now. If you want to perform holy acts for a beloved person, you can perform Umrah without any condition. Islam has not set any conditions for performing Umrah for a dead person.

Person who is alive

You can perform Umrah on behalf of an alive person but Islam has set some conditions. This is only possible if concerning person should have a valid reason and wants to assign someone for Umrah on his behalf. It is narrated in Hadith that a woman came to holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and said “o messenger of Allah my father is an old man and cannot sit firmly in the saddle. can I perform Umrah on behalf of him. The holy Prophet said “yes”.

So it is clear that you can perform Umrah on behalf of other people. Sometimes we misunderstood this relaxation of Islam. Islam has set some conditions.

Pilgrimage and Umrah are religious duties for Muslims that must performed once in life, but for that person who have the ability to perform them. This condition covers both physical and financial conditions. A person who can pay all expenses and his absence cannot hurt his family’s financial condition and he can physically perform Umrah, he must perform Umrah.

For a person who cannot pay expenses but physically fit, offering Umrah is not must duty for him. Islam has set Umrah as must offering duty just for deserving people.

Now question is what is meant by physical condition? The physical condition means health of a person that allows him to offer Umrah. It also covers the safety of a person and his wealth. The fear of killing him by someone, or robbery on the way to Umrah, or others problems like this allows relaxation for that person.

 A person who meets all expenses but faces physical problems, can appoint someone to offer Umrah on his behalf for Umrah. He should pay all expenses to the person who is performing Umrah on his behalf. The person who is performing Umrah on his behalf must be awarded richly by God, Allah. But the only condition for it is a person who is performing Umrah must already offer Umrah.

With reference to Dr. Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir Naik says it is better to offer Dua for dead people than perform charity or Umrah on their behalf.

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You can perform Umrah on behalf of others, no matter person is dead or alive. But Islam has set conditions for Umrah on behalf of an alive person.

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