Most of us lament having tiny kitchens, but the reality is that a small, well-organized kitchen may be more helpful than a huge, unorganized kitchen. A perfect kitchen is functional, well-organized, and efficient.

You can also create a sense of space in your kitchen by painting it and selecting the suitable and chilly colors and Glass Splashback London. Pale blue, mint, or grey, for example, might make your kitchen appear larger and more roomy.

If you are considering enlarging your little kitchen, this will make it more functional and appear much larger than it is.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas and Solutions 

Move-out Unnecessary Items

We all want our little kitchen to appear larger and more practical. However, our kitchen is full of non-essentials that we seldom or rarely use. Food processors, tableware, and goblets are examples of such goods. There is no need for such items in a limited location if they are not in use.

As a result, you can separate those kitchen utensils and store them in a console or closed appropriate cabinets, ensuring that they are easily accessible when needed.

This allows you to make room for only useful and necessary utensils, reducing clutter and making your kitchen more manageable.

Reconsider the Spaces in the Wall

Many homeowners believe that kitchen cabinets are the only available space in the kitchen, but there is more to consider: you can use extra space on the wall as well as additional gaps in the wall.

For example, you could perform the following:

  • Store some objects in the area between the ceiling and the top kitchen cabinets.
  • Hang your pots and pans on the wall hooks.
  • Use a magnetic knife holder to hold your knives.
  • Open shelves can be used to store saucers, bowls, glasses, spice jars, and cookbooks.

You can hang and display the necessary utensils because, if you have a small kitchen, you should consider every possible way to make the space useful.

Open Shelves instead of Upper Cabinets

In a tiny kitchen, open shelving is an excellent method to improve storage space. It provides simple access to common goods while also adding a sleek and polished vibe to the room. Open shelves, unlike closed cabinets, are not partitioned. As a result, items that do not fit in cabinets can be stored on the shelves, expanding your storage options.

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A Kitchen Island on the Wheels

Though every kitchen has the potential for utility, display, and amazing storage space, tiny kitchens do not have enough of these, and a kitchen island on wheels may be an excellent option.

This will help enhance counter space in a tiny kitchen. Assume you’re having friends around for supper, and everyone wants to cook and prepare their own food. If you’re making a dessert or pastry, you may keep the necessary ingredients (flour, sugar, rolling pin) below; here is where a mobile kitchen comes in helpful.

After that, you can either put it in a corner or move it to another room to make it disappear.

On the other hand, if you’re having trouble finding the right size for your small kitchen, you can design one yourself.

Prefer Correct Lighting and Pastel Hues

Choosing the appropriate color for your kitchen walls or cabinets might be difficult. But, in the end, whether you’re cooking for family or hosting holiday visitors, your kitchen should always reflect your personality and feel pleasant. On the other hand, it should appear spacious.

You cannot keep the window or sunshine from entering, and café curtains can help with this. A kitchen requires a lot of light, so install the right lighting to maximize illumination even at night.

Use Cabinet Organisers

Kitchen organizers are one of the most useful solutions for tiny kitchens. A variety of cabinet organizers in various sizes and shapes are available to meet your needs. It may be used to stack dishes, hold glasses, hang knives and aluminum foil, and store spice jars. As a result, even if you have a small kitchen, you can maintain it organized at all times.

Corner Drawers

There will almost certainly be dead corners in your kitchen if it is compact and L-shaped. To address this issue, build specifically designed corner drawers and shelves with rails to make the kitchen more useful.

Add a Kitchen Counter Bar

If your kitchen does not have enough or sufficient space, you may add a contemporary and trendy Granite Worktops London kitchen bar that can be used as a kitchen counter – an additional kitchen counter and a table.

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