You’ve probably heard of LED light therapy by, also referred to as photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy. Everyone is riding on the red LED light therapy (also known as RLT) bandwagon and incorporating it into their skincare routines and treatment options, from celebrities to professional athletes & Instagram influencers. The following are a few health advantages of red light therapy for treating pain, skin (fine lines and wrinkles), and hair disorders.

Health and Skin Benefits

Although LED (light emitting diodes) light therapy’s therapeutic effects might appear like a modern marvel, the medical community is not unfamiliar with the idea. In actuality, RLT was initially identified more than a century ago.

However, as interest in LED light therapy has increased, so have concerns about its effectiveness and ability to treat diseases like acne, skin damage from the sun, fine lines and wrinkles, and even inflammation.

LED Light Therapy: What is it?

Infrared LED light therapy is, at its most basic level, the application of particular light energy wavelengths to the body to enhance cellular performance and produce therapeutic advantages, such as treatment for anti-ageing, pain management, wound healing, and even hair restoration. Additionally, it is a non-invasive, cost-effective therapy alternative.

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What the Study Finds

Over the past few decades, infrared LED light therapy has been investigated and evaluated in countless clinical experiments, and it has established itself as a secure and efficient therapeutic choice with no adverse, damaging, or protracted side effects. Red light treatment can offer some incredible benefits and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes as well, regardless of your skin or body care regimen. It offers a low-touch, efficient treatment solution.

Potential for Treatment

Using this reasoning, NASA investigated the effects of zero gravity on astronauts and discovered that red light treatment has the potential to enhance cellular function. LEDs “stimulate the basic energy processes within mitochondria (energy compartments) of each cell,” according to a NASA article from 2002, and an LED blanket device was found to be beneficial in preventing bone and muscle atrophy. Based on NASA’s discoveries, the medical industry as a whole started to investigate and suggest red light therapy for its potential as a treatment.

Red LED Light Therapy: What Is It?

The use of certain wavelengths of light energy on human tissue to achieve therapeutic effects is known as red and infrared LED light therapy. Red and infrared wavelengths target cells at the source by penetrating deeply into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. The energy that the cells have taken in is then utilized to increase cellular performance organically. The skin’s tone and texture will improve, and there will be less inflammation, noticeable outcomes.

Defined: Red Light Therapy

Low-level light treatment supplied by light emitting diode (LED) devices has the potential to treat some skin (wrinkles and acne), pain, and even hair and scalp issues. It works similarly to low-level laser therapy. Red light therapy may have been referred to in a variety of ways, including:

Laser Therapy at Low Levels

Biostimulation Activated by Light

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy for Phototherapy

Treatment with Near-Infrared Light for Photobiomodulation

The physics behind red and infrared light treatment is the same, regardless of what you call it.

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