We undeniably live in a time of heightened environmental awareness where the challenges and risks of climate change pose a threat to humankind in the coming decades. Global warming and environmental issues can no longer be ignored, and it is now everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we make our carbon footprints as small as possible and do what we can as individuals to protect our environment. When it comes to improvements to our homes, we can adopt an eco-friendly mindset. We can choose sustainable materials and opt for upgrades that reduce our household energy requirements, thus reducing our carbon footprint. Here are four eco-friendly home improvement ideas. You must know about loft insulation benefits if you want improvement in your home.

Outside the house

If you are planning to upgrade your outdoor spaces, a great place to start is with your fencing and gates. Installing modern composite fencing along with an eco-friendly fence gate will instantly transform the look of your garden, and the materials used in their construction ensure that they are both eco-friendly and designed to last, offering excellent durability against the elements. It is a false economy to choose cheaper materials for your garden perimeter areas, as these will not be as resilient to the weather and thus will have a shorter lifespan before needing to be replaced. Put simply, eco-friendly composite designs are built to last. 

Improve your insulation

If you live in a home that was built several decades ago, it is likely that the insulation of the property is not as efficient as it could be. By upgrading your home with cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, you will be reducing your energy requirements to heat your home. This, in turn, will reduce your energy bills and will save you money. Cavity wall insulation can save approximately £300 per year from your energy bills and will therefore pay for itself in around five years. In addition, by reducing our energy requirements for heating our homes, we reduce the demand for fossil fuels used to generate our energy from power stations, which helps to reduce damage to the environment through greenhouse gases. 

Upgrade your windows

Another great eco-friendly option is to invest in superior quality double-glazed windows. These will both improve the look of your home and will insulate your house more effectively by reducing the heat lost from your windows, which in turn, reduces your heating bills. Modern double-glazed windows are exceptionally durable and can last for between 20 to 30 years until they need to be replaced. An additional benefit of double-glazed windows is that they can reduce outside noise levels, which will make your home environment more relaxing and comfortable, especially if you live near a road or in a busy urban area.

Install smart meters

Today, there is a wide range of smart meters and smart thermostats that allow you to monitor your energy usage more effectively. These can help you spot where most of your energy requirements are and allow you to reduce your energy bill by making more informed decisions on how often you use various household appliances. In addition, smart meters offer the convenience of not needing to take regular meter readings as your energy usage is sent directly to your energy suppliers. This also gives you more predictable energy bills each month and can help homeowners budget more effectively.

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