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Working of a signal jammer

Everyone who has faced the annoyance of cellphones and smartphones is in search of a good Jammer Store. It is because some people do not understand that they should avoid using their cell phones in certain situations and places. 

As a result, people have to use a Cell Phone Blocker to forcefully stop such people from using cell phones and smartphones. Such situations mainly occur in religious places. 

People visit religious places like temples, mosques, churches, etc to calm their minds and feel peace. However, some people disrupt the serene environment of such places by talking loudly on their cellphones or smartphones. Hence, there is often a Mobile Phone Blocker in such places.

The working of a signal jammer is really simple. To block the receiving and sending signals of phones, the device transmits similar signals to the network tower. The only difference between the signals of this device and cell phones is that the signals of this device are much stronger than cell phones.

As a result, the signals of cell phones get disrupted by stronger signals. Hence, cell phones cannot connect to their nearest network services leading to a communication failure. 

However, some phones are designed in a way that they increase their signal strength when they cannot connect to their network services. Hence, a signal jammer must transmit strong enough signals that overpower even the strongest signals of cellphones and smartphones.

Types and strengths of cellphone blockers

Blocking only the talking frequencies of cell phones and smartphones is not enough. It is because these devices have two different signal frequencies and strengths. One is for sending or talking signals, while the other is for receiving or listening signals. 

A signal jammer must disrupt both the frequencies and signal strengths to decapacitate cell phones and smartphones completely. However, the ability and strength of a signal jammer depend on its type.

Some signal jammers do have the capacity to disrupt both frequencies while some can only block one frequency of the signals sent by phones. Hence, if someone wants to completely decapacitate cellphones in a specific area, they should use a heavy signal jammer.

Signal jammers that are basic and less complicated can only block a specific signal strength. However, more complicated signal jammers that are equipped with several signal strengths can block multiple frequencies at once. 

Advanced signal jammers can even serve multiple purposes. These devices can work according to their user. If the user wants to block all the signals of a specific area, the device will follow. Similarly, if the user wants to block some specific signals, the device can do that as well.

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