In a typical automobile, thousands of components work together to form the whole. However, certain factors are more crucial than others. Consider the tyres, for instance. Without the tyres, the vehicle cannot be driven. Because of this, experts suggest paying particular attention to tyre maintenance. In addition to the tyres, the engine is a crucial component. The engine is, as they say, the beating heart of the vehicle.

One component that many overlook or forget to include on their list of necessary components is the battery. We are all aware that without a battery, an automobile cannot be started, much less driven. As a result, it’s important to regularly check the battery and keep the car in good working order. There are a lot of signs that a battery is defective.


Even though batteries are inexpensive, they still require regular maintenance. Otherwise, the battery can die just before a crucial meeting, when you pick the kids up from school, or even during a planned trip. In such cases, getting in touch with a mobile battery company like PitStopArabia is the best course of action. Don’t forget that we offer mobile mechanic services, such as battery replacement and upkeep.

Let’s now discuss how to recognise a bad battery. If you’re in the market for a used car battery check out THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A USED CAR BATTERY.

While driving at night, you could notice that the headlights are not as bright as they should be. If so, the most obvious reason would be a bad battery. The issue is that the battery runs the entire vehicle. If it is not operating properly, it cannot power other components.

Slowing Power Windows

If the power windows take too long to roll up or down, the battery is most likely to blame. A bad or weak battery won’t be able to supply the windows with the necessary electricity.

Slower Start

One of the most well-known signs of a dead battery when trying to switch it on is a steady whirring sound. After a small delay, it begins immediately. If this is happening to you, a bad battery is the most likely culprit. Check it out immediately. You may have the batteries inspected anywhere in the UAE with the help of PitStopArabia’s mobile mechanic service, including your house or place of business.

Working Dashboard Lights But Car Not Starting

Frequently, the automobile won’t start even though the dashboard lights are on. A defective or dead battery is often at blame for the problem. You can either use jumper cables or a mobile repair service like PitStopArabia’s to jumpstart the battery.

Heavy Corrosion

Many people forget about the batteries. PitStopArabia suggests routinely looking behind the hood. If the vicinity of the battery is severely corroded, it won’t be able to supply the components with the necessary charge. As a result, starting the car or other components can take longer than usual. Don’t replace the battery right away. The terminals nearby should be cleaned. If you’re unsure how to perform certain car services and repairs, you can ask a professional. If the corrosion is removed, there’s a chance the battery will start functioning normally again.

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