The ANPR – automatic number plate recognition systems work efficiently using optical character recognition (OCR) software. It follows the LPR algorithm that has three processing steps including plate detection, segmentation of characters, and recognition.

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How the ANPR system works? Step By Step

As you know the ANPR is a technology that helps to captures the images of number plates, reading, locating and much more. Mostly, the technology is used by the higher police departments to detect the number plates from videos and different images to collect proper information regarding the suspicious.

Here are the steps that are involved in this technology.


The first step involved in this technique is the capturing the image of number plate. The ANPR camera takes an image of the plate when find great angle where visibility is maximum. After capturing, next steps are implemented. 


The next step is the reading of characters and numbers from the taken image for getting further details. Also, the VRM is located with the help of ANPR reader.

OCR Software Use

Now, the final step involves use of OCR software to identify the characters and numbers from the image of number plate. It’s the technology that is used for automatic data extraction and processing. In fact, it is most popular these days and used by the higher departments.

That’s how basically the ANPR works!

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