Making homemade gifts is always special. However, it’s a sign of how much someone cares that they took the time to create something just for you. What could be more special than a chocolate bouquet made by a friend for Valentine’s Day? Or Christmas? Although flowers delivered by your local florist in Corby could add charm, a DIY chocolate bouquet can be just as valuable!


I am a shopper and love to find bargains at the grocery store. Around a month before Easter, I usually start searching for Easter chocolate. This is a way to ensure that the chocolate I buy for Easter will be fresh and not dated. I love to make homemade chocolate bouquets from chocolate bought at bargain stores, such as home bargains. You can always find sweets and treats that match the seasons at these stores.


Making a chocolate flower bouquet is an excellent way to show how much you care. Whether it be Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even Easter – this gift will make their day!


It doesn’t get much easier than this! Once you have your box made, it’s time for the chocolate. Assemble everything in order, and let me know when we should next meet so I can deliver these beautiful creations right into their arms (or hands).


It is important to cut the foam so it’s a snug fit at the bottom of the bouquet box. It will help keep your skewers standing up nicely and hold them in place, preventing any movement or Tips from falling out!


To make your chocolate bouquet even more special, use crepe paper. The colors will match everything in the room! They come with an assortment of different patterns, too- choose wisely because this is one decision that won’t be coming back once you’ve made it.


Push the skewers into your floral block at angles that work for you. Once this is done, place other candy treats on top of crepe paper to make it look and feel as if there is more than just one layer!


You’ve finally created the perfect bouquet for your special day. Wrap it up in Cellophane Florist Wrap and tie it with colorful ribbons to create an elegant design that will make you feel great!

I found a similar set on the internet for £15-20. Though, I think that’s pretty reasonable considering how much time and effort goes into making them! You can easily craft your own at home if you want something cheaper or don’t have any crafting supplies. There are always alternatives to things people already have around their homes, like coffee filters.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! I would love learn how your day is going so far.

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