Best Hybrid Event Platforms

Hybrid events are a popular type of event and there are various hybrid event platforms available in the industry. From catering to different sizes of the audience to different pricing and features. And From 3D hybrid event platform to customizable hybrid event platform the event industry has a lot to offer. In this article, we are mentioning the best 8 platforms that you may want to consider for hosting your next hybrid event. 

Top 8 Best Hybrid Event Platforms 

1. Dreamcast 

Dreamcast tops the list of best hybrid event platforms, because of the key features that the platform offers. Dreamcast is a platform that you can keep your eye on if you are planning to host a hybrid event. You can host meetings, fest, expos, exhibitions, summits, etc with the services they offer. Dreamcast can create an extraordinary hybrid event that can offer a remarkable experience for your audience 

Key features that Dreamcast offers are: 

  • Customize your event your way. The platform offers a full customization option for events. 
  • Dreamcast offers 100% safety and security of the data through encryption
  • Provide various engagement tools 
  • Strong Customer Support 
  • Gamification – Yes the platform also offers fun games and engagement tools for your hybrid event. 

2. SpotMe

Next on our list is SpotMe, it is a popular all-in-one hybrid platform that offers branded and customized event experiences. SpotMe offers various advanced features. SpotMe can cater to all sorts of digital and hybrid events and is popular for hosting enterprise events. Audience engagement is the plus point of the platform. Hosting a hybrid event platform provides video break-out sessions, webcasting, and personalized agendas. 

Here are some of the key features that SpotMe offers:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Mobile Friendly; available for both mobile and web users. 
  • Active customer support 
  • Support 20+ languages for titles and captions 
  • Store live events for on-demand events.

3. Hopin 

Hopin is next on our list. Hopin is popular for its startup events. The platform is customizable and also offers tools that will help you create your registration page on the platform itself. Hopoin not only hosts an event on the platform but also manages the event. Event management and data collection are strong points for considering hopin for the hybrid event. 

Now let’s look at some key features that Hopin offers

  • One of the best features that the platform provides is its capability to let organizers or hosts create interactive registration pages to promote registration through interactive tools. 
  • You can host hybrid or another event of any size with a viewership of 100,000+
  • The platform also provides a networking area to meet fellow participants and interact with the host and speaker of the event. 

4. Eventcube

Eventcube is another popular event platform that makes our list. Eventcube is considered one of the best event ticketing and event management platforms. Eventcube is perfect for hybrid events of size. The platform is customizable and offers immersive virtual environments. Flexibility in the pricing of Eventcube is another major reason for its popularity in the event industry. 

Now let’s go through some of the popular key features of the platform:

  • One of the most popular features of Eventcube is its ticketing feature. The platform has a dedicated ticketing system for all its events. 
  • Engagement is another feature that makes the platform stand out from others. The platform offers engagement features like question-and-answer sessions, live voting, and polls.
  • Provides dedicated activity areas and private rooms. 

5. Canapii

Canapii is a platform that is dedicated to hybrid events but it doesn’t limit canapii as they offer services for all kinds of hybrid, in-person and digital events. The platform hosts conferences show meetings and exhibitions according to the requirements. 

Canapii provides captions and translates them in real-time during a live event and it makes the platform stand out. 

Here are some of the features of the Canapii: 

  • Has a dedicated in-built platform for event ticketing. 
  • Provides various engagement features like a chat box, private rooms, networking area, etc. 
  • The platform also has a built-in gaming feature 
  • The platform supports activities like scheduling meetings and conferences. 

6. Aventri

Aventri is another popular name in the event industry. The platform helps in planning, organizing, and executing events. The platform lets organizers create their templates for branding and promotional purposes. Aventri as a platform makes it very easy and convenient for organizers in team collaboration. But one thing that few organizers have issues with is that the platform charges extra for using some advanced and useful features. 

Here are some of the features of the Aventri: 

  • Manage attendees, registration, on-site check-ins, etc. 
  • The platform serves events of all types and sizes. 
  • Helps in creating invites and templates for event 

7. BigMarker

BigMarker is another popular and customizable platform that is a common name in the event industry. The best thing about BigMaker is that the platform has 15 virtual event modules. You can easily customize, mix and match different modules and features to create your kind of hybrid event, which can offer your participants a kind of experience. 

BigMaker is popular for its features and here are some of the key features of the platform:

  • The most talked about feature of the platform is its highly customizable feature. This feature makes the platform stand out from others. 
  • The platform provides an event microsite option 
  • BigMaker is an all-in-one platform that offers registration, ticketing, and payment options.

8. 6Connex

Last but not least on our hybrid event platform list is 6Connex. The platform is highly secure. The platform is popular for hosting hybrid and virtual trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, and fairs. The platform supports most browsers and is built on HTML5. The platform understands the needs of engagement needs and offers hybrid and virtual booths and offers real-time chat options.

Here are some of the key features of 6Connex: 

  • The platform offers various engagement tools
  • Offers flexible pricing 

The Bottom Line 

There are various hybrid event platforms available and according to us, these 8 platforms are worth mentioning. You can use these details about all these platforms and use them to filter out the best hybrid platform for your next event.

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