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Who doesn’t want to live in a cozy and comfortable environment that feels like home not only for our families but also for our friends? Working in a comfortable office, with trendy and professional workstations and just the right kind of lighting-not too bright, not too dull-makes we feel good as well. In fact, some scientists believe that a comfortable office environment has a direct impact on employee productivity [1]. Above all, a well-designed space is the best way to make a good first impression, whether on professional clients or on visitors to your home.

But, as we all know, creating a comfortable home or office is not for everyone. Making the best use of available space, determining which type of lighting will work best, selecting the appropriate furniture, and other tasks necessitate expertise and knowledge.

Do you intend to make changes to your home or office in 2022? We’ve compiled a list of 7 of the most recent interior design trends to help you create a “wow” moment for anyone who visits your home.

#1. Plants and natural lighting:

Using natural lights to their full potential and having plants around us will be in style this year, which is known technically as ‘biophilic designs.’


The pandemic has taught us many lessons, the most important of which is to appreciate nature. We yearned to be outside, to enjoy the natural light, and to be surrounded by greenery after being forced to stay at home for weeks.

Making the best use of natural light and having plants around us will help us relax and connect visually with nature – whether in the office or at home.

Here are some interesting facts about the advantages of seeing green!

#2. Pastel bright colors:

For decades, white and grey were the ‘in’ colors, dominating various types of living spaces. But those were the days. The majority of professional architects believe that this year will be the year of pastel colors. This year, different shades of brown will reign supreme, reviving the 1970s look. Brown complements almost every color, so feel free to experiment. To make your own unique combination, combine brown with green, blue, or other bright colors like orange and yellow. Allow your imagination to soar.

For more ideas, read Why Brown Is the Color Taking Over Interiors in 2022.

#3. Traditional style:

Traditional designs have gradually made a comeback in recent years. This year will be no different. Traditional designs have proven their worth in providing people with comfort through nostalgia and timelessness. Victorian skirtings and antique pieces will play a role in reminding people of their ancestors.

So, if you have an old piece of furniture gathering dust in a corner, now is the time to polish it and display it. You never know, it might become the focal point of your home!

#4 Surfaces inspired by nature:

Natural surfaces will be more popular this year as a result of being confined to the home and our increased appreciation for nature. We’re talking about marble, stoneware, terracotta, and other similar materials. The raw, porous surfaces with an organic feel will be soothing to the mind and soul. It will have the feel of being close to nature. It will also be visually appealing!

#5 Floral designs:

Flowers can’t be far behind when we’re going back to our roots and incorporating natural elements this year. Floral patterns are expected to be popular this year. It is making a comeback in various forms, such as wallpapers and embroideries. People enjoy flowers in a variety of colors and patterns.

If you’re thinking about redoing your room’s wallpaper, you now know where to look!

#6. Study areas:

Children have been absent from school since the pandemic began. Although schools have reopened, there is no guarantee that they will remain open. Having a separate set-up at home for your child has become essential. Making the classroom feel like home will be a primary focus this year in order to stay prepared. People are incorporating interactive smartboards, mini-workspaces for attending online classes, and high-speed Wi-Fi to create comfortable classroom environments for their children. Giving them a sense of belonging is essential, no matter how small the space.

#7. The year’s shape is round:

The round shape will be prominent this year, whether in furniture, lighting, or office décor. Professional interior designers say the shape adds softness to any space, creating a soothing ambiance. Choose from round sofas, round carpets, and round conference tables to meet your needs.

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