Finding the ideal present is challenging. But chocolates are the best gift for everyone. With a history spanning more than 4,000 years, chocolate has long been considered one of the most popular presents. Everyone’s favourite go-to treat when it comes to food presents to make someone smile is chocolate. In the finest manner imaginable, chocolate evokes feelings of luxury and being slightly spoiled.

Why should you send chocolates as a gift?

These are some reasons to send chocolates instead of ordering Pakistani mithai online.

·        Source of Happiness

Whatever the situation is, chocolate has the remarkable ability to bring joy, love, and comfort.

·        Establish customs and memories

In Pakistan’s tradition, people love mithai and chocolates. They love to order Pakistani mithai online, but they are afraid about the quality.

·        Cute Gift

It looks pretty and tasty as mithai. That is why you can order chocolates instead of choosing to order Pakistani mithai online.

·        Provide Options for Everyone

There is chocolate for everyone, whether the recipient has a sweet craving like a toddler or a discerning palate!

What chocolates should you send to Pakistan?

It is ordinary to order Pakistani mithai online, but sending chocolates is more memorable. Chocolates at TCS Sentiments Express that people love in Pakistan are;

1.  Chocolate bark pouch by Belco

These handcrafted chocolate barks are the ideal snack to eat whenever you need a little pick-me-up because they are known for several eclectic tastes. This chocolate pouch is not even available in Pakistan.

2. Aztec chocolates hamper

Everyone knows how Aztec chocolate is rare in Pakistan. Their old chocolate had nutmeg and black pepper undertones and was bitter. The flavour is very dissimilar to modern-day chocolate. So what is better than Aztec chocolate to gift?

3. Chocolate cake for all occasions

At TCS Sentiments Express, you can send chocolate cakes in different flavours like;

  • Divine chocolate cheesecake
    • Kitkat cake
    • Chocolate hazelnut cake
    • Chocolate brownies and cupcakes
    • Chocolate Patisa

You can add a bouquet with it as well.

4. Paradise bites box

Coffee Planet’s Paradise Bites are the ideal way to savour this well-known taste combination of chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, and almonds.

5. Oasis chocolate bites box

These adorable morsels, which combine toasted almonds with the ideal ratio of rich milk chocolate and unadulterated hazelnut paste, are sure to delight any sweet craving. These boxes are best to send because these chocolates are very challenging to find in Pakistan.

Why should you use TCS Sentiments Express for chocolate gifts?

If you are living overseas and want to send something sweet on any occasion happening in Pakistan, you need to use TCS Sentiments Express. It will be easy to order anything, such as Pakistani mithai, through their services. TCS Sentiments Express is the oldest company working as a gift company. Everyone’s favourite go-to treat when it comes to food presents to make someone smile is chocolate. They will accept your payment through any banking card or JazzCash. They follow industry best practices and reasonable efforts to prevent your personal information from being improperly lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered, or deleted.

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