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Options are conditional derivative contracts that allow contract purchasers to. To purchase or sell securities at a predetermined price. Australia’s Best Trading Course Option purchasers must pay what sellers term a “premium” for such a right. If market prices are unfavorable to option holders, the option is allowed to expire worthless. Making certain that losses do not surpass the premium. Option sellers (option sellers) take on more risk than option buyers, which is why they demand this premium.

Options are classified as “call” or “put.” The buyer of a call option contract purchases the right to purchase the underlying asset at a preset price in the future. The striking price is also known as the strike price. A put option gives the buyer the right to sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price in the future.

Why Trade Options Rather Than A Direct Asset?

Trading options provide a number of advantages. The Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) is the world’s largest exchange of its kind. Options on a wide range of equities, ETFs, and indexes are available. Traders can create options strategies that include both purchasing and selling. A single option to very complicated strategies including many concurrent option holdings. A normal stock option contract entitles the holder to 100 shares of the underlying securities.

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The potential profit is limitless because the option gain increases with the underlying asset price until expiration. And there is no theoretical limit to its quantity.

Covered Call

A covered call strategy is purchasing 100 shares of the underlying asset and then selling them. On those shares, a call option. The trader receives the option premium when he sells the call option, which lowers the cost basis of the stock and provides some downside protection. In exchange for selling the option, the trader agrees to sell shares of the underlying at the strike price, limiting the option’s upside potential.

Setting Up Protection

If a trader has a stock that he believes will rise in value in the long run but wants to protect. He can protect himself from a short-term downturn by purchasing a protective put option.

If the underlying price rises and exceeds the strike price of the put option at expiration, the option expires worthless, and the trader loses the premium but benefits from the underlying price rise. -lying.

Other Options Strategies

Call-write strategy or covered call strategy:

Stocks are purchased, while call options on the same stock are sold. The number of shares purchased must be equal to the number of call option contracts sold.

Covered Put Option Strategy

Following the purchase of a stock, the investor purchases put options for an equal number of shares. The put option for couples functions as an insurance policy against short-term call option losses with a fixed strike price. Simultaneously, you sell the same number of call options with a higher strike price.

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