New City Paradise

About New City Paradise

Investors must confirm the verity of a business before investing in one.  Nowadays, commercial housing society is a trendy business and everyone is investing in it to secure their future. New City Paradise is NOC approved legal housing society spread over 4256 Kanal land area.  It is located at 330 feet GT Road near the CEPEC route and Burhan interchange, M1 motorway.  

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The housing project offers its customers relatively low prices making it a great market hub for investors and potential buyers. New City Paradise features an exquisite development plan with the help of World class developers, engineers, and planners.  The owners and developers of the house venture are the Developers of the New City Wah. After the successful development of Phase- 1 and phase- 2 Developers of the new city have decided to build Phase 3 as known as New City Paradise. 

Why invest in New City Paradise?

The question is why you should invest in the new housing project.  Again investing in property is trendy nowadays because of its high return on investment. Investing in real estate is profitable and offers a secure future. New City Paradise provides you with a variety of amenities and services stated below

Prime Location

 The New City Project has strategically significant locations with easily accessible points.  Its excellent location near Burhan Interchange makes it a few minutes drive away from any residential society in the city.

Paradise City can be accessed in the following ways

•         8 to 12 minutes’ drive away from New City Wah

•         About 1 min drive away from M-1 Motorway

•         Approximately 12 min drive away from Hazard Motorway

•         Nearly 15 to 20 min drive away from Quaid Avenue.

•         15 min drive away from Brahma Jhang Bather Interchange

•         18 min drive away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange

•         22 min drive from Islamabad International Airport

•         25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway

•         Nearly 25 to 28 min drive from Jhang Bahtar Road

•         30-40 minutes’ drive away from the Thalian

Modern architecture and fancy lifestyle

Paradise housing society offers its residents a diversified range of essential, semi-essential and luxurious living. New City Paradise has the most prestigious amenities for its inhabitants.

•         Security

•         Unique infrastructure

•         Mesmerizingly dreamy view

•         Eco-friendly environment

•         Water resources

•         Electricity and Gas supply

•         Wide roads

•         Educational institutions

•         Health care centers

•         Smart Homes

Significant Landmarks

The surrounding of a housing scheme makes it prime and significant. Having a home with all the modern life necessities nearby is a plus point of any commercial housing society. New city paradise wah is surrounded by the following landmarks

•         New Wah City

•         Capital City Islamabad

•         Rawalpindi

•         Kamra City

•         Wah City

•         Taxila City

•         Wah Cantt

•         POF Golf Club

•         Hassan Abdal

•         Wah Gardens

•         M-1 Motorway

•         M-2 Motorway

•         New City Arcade

•         Wah Model Town

•         Burhan Interchange

•         UET University Wah

•         HITECH University Taxila

•         Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), Wah

Easy investment plan

The residential project is legally approved and offers a convenient investment plan with easy installments. As the project hasn’t started yet it has relatively low pricing. An investor can book a deal at rather a cheap price with the surety of profit.  Its payment schedule is discussed below

Residential Plot

Total Price (PKR): 3,550,000

Booking (PKR): 443,750

Confirmation (PKR): 443,750

36 Monthly Installments (PKR): 37,425

4 Half-Yearly Installments (PKR): 153,800

Balloting Payment (PKR): 350,000

Allotment (PKR): 350,000

Plot Size: 5 Marla 25×50()

Total Cost of 1,850,000 PKR

Booking (PKR): 230,000

230,000 PKR has been confirmed as the amount.

19,500 PKR with 36 Monthly Installments

72,000 Pakistani Rupees (4 Half-Yearly Installments)

Balloting Payment (PKR): 200,000

Allotment (PKR): 200,000

Plot Size: 10 Marla 35×70

Total Cost of 3,550,000 PKR

Booking (PKR): 443,750

443,750 PKR has been confirmed as the amount.

37,425 PKR Broken Down Into 36 Monthly Installments

153,800 Pakistani Rupees (4 Half-Yearly Installments)

Balloting Payment (PKR): 350,000

Allotment (PKR): 350,000

1 Kanal

The total price is Rs. 6,750,000

The booking is offered at Rs. 843,750

The confirmation amount is offered at Rs. 843,750

36 monthly installments are offered at Rs. 71,150

Balloon payments are offered at Rs. 375,275 (4 half-yearly)

Balloting payment is offered at Rs. 500,000

The allotment price is offered at Rs. 500,000

Financially beneficial

If you have some extra money and don’t know what to do with it. Invest it in a real state as it is the most profitable enterprise of the age.  This way you don’t only save your asset but also give it a high rise. The mission of New City Paradise is to propose a financially beneficial manageable and commercially compatible business deal.  The value of real estate has been increasing day by day tremendously which makes it a source of consistent income. With the yearly increment in prices of properties, one should invest now to enjoy a stable future.

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