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SBI has introduced a unique Cashback Credit Card. As the name implies, it is a credit card that focuses on providing cashback rewards. It was the first reward credit card, allowing cardholders to receive 5% cashback on all online purchases. Furthermore, there are no merchant restrictions associated with the credit card. There are several Advantages of Cashback SBI Cards. It is one of India’s most comprehensive Cashback credit cards to date.

Although the Axis Ace card, which pays cashback to users, was accessible in the market, it lacks a few features. SBI Cashback Card, on the other hand, is powerful and fiercely competitive. It is one of the best credit cards for online shopping. It offers users a limited number of value back rewards on online transactions.

Dive deeper into this article to learn more about the Advantages of Cashback and Voucher SBI Card and its Pros and Cons.

Advantages of Cashback SBI Card

Cashback SBI Card has come as a boon to the users. You may get surprised, but you will be rewarded for every online transaction here. The Advantages of Cashback SBI Card are mentioned below:

No Joining Fee

  • One of the most substantial advantages of a Cashback SBI Card is that there is no joining charge. 
  • You can enjoy the benefits for free for one year. 
  • Furthermore, beginning with the second year, you must pay a renewal cost of Rs.999 + tax.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • Waiver of 1% fuel surcharge at all petrol pumps across the country.

Hassel Free Cashback

  • Cashback The SBI Card is designed to give its members cash back. 
  • One of the advantages of SBI Card is that you will receive your cashback within two days. 
  • The cashback process is quite fast. It is automatically credited to your SBI Card account within two days.

Complimentary Lounge Program

  • The exclusive complimentary domestic airport lounge visit is one of the Advantages of Cashback SBI Card. 
  • Furthermore, you will receive 4 and 1 visit per quarter.

Worldwide Acceptance

  • The Cashback SBI Card is accepted all across the world. 
  • There are around 24 million outlets worldwide. 
  • Your SBI Cashback Card can be used anywhere in the world. 
  • Furthermore, there are 3,25,000 Cashback SBI Card outlets in India. 
  • It can be used to make payments at any merchant that takes VISA.

Add-on cards

  • Cashback SBI Card has an add-on feature.
  •  It allows you to add cards for your parents, spouse, children, or siblings over the age of 18.

Utility Bill Payment Facility

  • You may pay all of your utility bills using the Cashback SBI Card
  • It includes an Easy Bill Pay feature that allows you to pay all of your electricity, cellphone, and gas bills.

Renewal Fee Reversal

  • Your renewal fee will get a reversal on spending Rs 2 lakh annually.

Card Cashback

  • There are no merchant restrictions here. 
  • You will receive 5% cashback on all online purchases.
  • All of your offline purchases and utility bill payments are awarded with 1% cashback.
  • Furthermore, the cashback does not apply to Rent Payments, Wallet Loads, Merchant EMIs, Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Encash, and Flexipay.

Pros and Cons of Cashback SBI Card

Everything has advantages and disadvantages that help people make decisions. You grasp the advantages of the Cashback SBI Card in the upper half. The following are the pros and cons of the Cashback SBI Card:


  • It assists you in paying all of your utility bills.
  • You can use it anywhere in the world.
  • There is no joining charge.
  • The reward for paying your utility bills.
  • Cashback will be credited to your account within two days.


  • The cashback on the utility bill is 1% which is quite low. 


If you like getting cash back, then a Cashback SBI Card is for you. The Advantages of Cashback SBI Card are somewhat unexpected. It provides an infinite amount of features to its consumers. Aside from that, no joining charge is included. Furthermore, after one year of use, you must pay the sum Plus tax. 

However, the Advantages of Cashback SBI Cards extend beyond the rewards. Cardholders receive four complimentary domestic airport lounge visits each year. The visit is restricted to one each quarter. The card also waives a 1% fuel surcharge. It also has an add-on card option for your family’s needs.

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