6 Steps to Choosing the Best Brand Name

Finding the right phone number may appear to be a massive and intimidating task; however, if you break it down into specific steps, it will feel much easier to complete.

Lists and Brainstorming

When considering potential company or brand names, I begin by brainstorming. Assume my company is a travel agency in San Francisco. I’d start by writing down all the words related to travel, followed by all the words related to San Francisco. Then I’d make a third list of all the words I’d like associated with the company’s name and what it should be known for.


Google Image & Thesaurus

Once I have a list of words, I add to it by searching thesaurus.com for other words that are similar. This will double your list and increase your chances of discovering new and interesting words. in addition I’ll look for images by typing some of these words into Google. I use this to generate additional ideas for the name concept. An image can sometimes inspire you to think of a new idea or word.

Combine and Contrast

You can begin putting words together once you have these lists. It can be difficult at first, but keep trying to put words together. Make an effort to keep the name short and simple. This step will take some time as you switch back and forth between it and steps 1 and 2.

Domain Name For a Website

Once I’ve narrowed the list down to a few favorites, I usually like to see what my website options are with the name. This also allows me to see which names are already in use. To check the availability of a domain name, I usually go to www.godaddy.com. This will significantly reduce your list.

Creating a Favourites List and Soliciting Feedback

I ask friends and colleagues for feedback on my short list of favorite names to see which names resonate. You can also post it on a forum, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or on a forum specific to your industry. Depending on the project, I may prefer to keep it under wraps and only share it with trusted friends and colleagues.


Finally, once you have your name or names, you must ensure that they are legally available. Check with your county to ensure that your business name does not conflict with the name of an existing corporation, LLC, or limited partnership in your state.

Use what you’ve learned about your competition to set yourself apart. Take advantage of their flaws. If your research is done correctly, your findings should lead you to some audience questions that are not being adequately addressed. Make your competitor’s weakness your strength, and you’ll stand out.

Choosing a Reputable Brand Naming takes time and effort, but having a process to follow makes it easier. I frequently have to go back and review previous steps in the process. However, with perseverance, you will find the right name, and when you do, you will not only have a brand that attracts customers but a brand name that you will be proud of. To learn more about branding and logos, click here.

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