A sign board is displayed in a visible position in cafes and hotels for customers to read and choose their options without assistance or help. It contains the food items with prices for the best interest of customers to choose what to eat and drink and how much it costs.

Cafes get popular and the owner takes more benefits if it has an illuminated menu board. The cafe menu board helps the customers choose the items from far apart and don’t need to wait in lines to order. It is the easiest way to check and decide what to eat in hotels and cafes.

What does a cafe’s owner want to expect from the cafe’s menu board?

Signage makers near me in uk, create and design menu boards for the best interest of hotels and cafe owners. They use ideas to create and design such good-looking and charming boards for your cafe.

The use of menu boards is everywhere in hotels, cafes, and restaurants. Everyone is familiar with its use and goals in a cafe. Here are some of the goals a cafe owner wants to get from a cafe menu board hotel and cafe owners need to design their menu board in such a way to get the benefits easily otherwise the use of a cafe menu board is useless.

Products to offer

One of the main and basic aims of cafe menu boards is the products to offer to customers. Products include food items for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. It can be drinks and salads.


The menu board display in a cafe and a hotel should be time-saving for the cafe staff as well as for customers. If your cafe menu board is visible to customers from far away and is of large font size then customers can decide on their item selection easily and it can save your time as well as customers.

Food items with prices can also help the customers. They don’t need to ask the staff for prices and they easily audit and decide what to order.

Package for customers to get enough profit

Sometimes the cafe’s owner presents some packages of some products for customers. Actually, the owner wants to attract customers to the cafe and restaurants in order to enhance sales and income. Thus the major benefit is that an owner wants to display some packages on the menu board to increase sales and income.

A marketing tool

The main use of cafe menu boards is as a marketing tool. Think for a while does it work as a marketing tool? If yes then definitely it will enhance your income and sales. Just use and note your menu board on a weekly basis whether it reflects your goals or not.

A cafe owner can easily judge the goals from the customers’ feedback. If a cafe menu board is serving customers well you would see positive comments and directions from the customers.

Instructions for making and placing cafe menu board

Menu boards in cafes and hotels are very important. It does not increase the customer’s flow and income but also helps to reduce the difficulties for customers in standing in lines for orders.

Following are some of the instructions for placing a menu board in a cafe. These instructions help the owners to get full benefits from the cafe menu board else it’s useless.

  • Position of the menu board is very important. You need to display the menu board indoors and outdoors in a place that is most visible to the customers.
  • The font size should be large enough so that people can see it easily from far apart.
  • Color of the menu board is a sign of attraction for customers. while using colors for your menu board take care that it should reflect the cafe and restaurant logos.
  • Categorization of the cafe menu board is very necessary. Better to have categories for cold drinks, foods, salads, etc. You can also categorize it into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Illuminated menu boards are better than traditional menu boards. It not only gives a stylish look to the boards and cafe but also its visibility for customers is more. They can see it easily from far apart.
  • Menu fonts, spacing, and composition are also important for the cafe menu board in order to get full advantages from it.
  • Better use pictures of offered food items on the menu board. It gives a good look and presents a unique display to customers.


After having a brief discussion and instruction if your cafe menu board is not getting enough goals then Signworld, signage makers near me in uk, creates and uses good ideas to design cafe menu boards to achieve the desired benefits and goals like enough customers flow, more sales and increase your income.

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