How to introduce yourself in medical interview

When you apply for medical admission, you have to experience three phases; personal statement, entry test, and medical interview. Among all three stages, the most challenging stage is a medical interview in which a student has to present himself in front of an interview panel. He must be outstanding and well-polished during the whole interview. Let’s read more about the medical interview.

The Most Basic Question in the Medical Interview

Medical interviews are challenging because you have to answer different questions your interviewers ask. They have your Personal statement from where they generate questions to examine your capabilities directly. The most critical question they ask every applicant is to “Introduce yourself.” You only need to organize the whole data in your mind to deliver them a decent reply. The answer to this question will tell them much about you, and you can book medical interview preparation courses for better preparation.

How to Reply to Your Interviewers

When your interviewers ask about you, please take a deep breath and start replying to them following these steps.

  1. Start by introducing yourself and your residence.
  2. Tell your interviewers about your parental information and some family background.
  3. Inform them about your siblings and their workings.
  4. If there is something common in your family, you must mention it during your medical interview. It could be a Doctorate background that will impress your interviewers.
  5. Move to your educational history and tell them about extraordinary performance in your school and college. Also, mention your institute’s name.
  6. While discussing your studies and grades, gently transfer their attention to your co-curricular activities.
  7. You might have done some side degrees, must tell them about your extra knowledge. It will be impressive if they are related to the medical field.
  8. After completing your qualification, start your working experience. It should be related to medicine so your interviewers can check your keenness to become a medical student. Also, mention your current job or workings.
  9. Your words should show them how motivated you are for medical studies. Tell them about your plans and enthusiasm to become a Doctor. Your Dreamline University will boost this point.
  10. Your future goals can ingrain them. So, remember to present your projects. Inform them where you see yourself after five years.

Impressing Your Interviewers

Medical interview preparation courses will guide you in impressing your interviewers. Some beneficial points are as follows;

  • Confidence
  • Logical answer
  • Suitable body movements
  • Decent dressing

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