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When you’re interested in the convenience that comes along with online butchers in London, you’re going to want to start shopping around to see who the best option is. When you begin this process, here are some things you should keep an eye out for: 

Consider the website

With websites being so straightforward to build, there’s really no excuse for a bad business website. This is especially the case with online butchers. They should be able to handle having an up-to-date and bug-free website as they do their commerce online and not solely in-store. A great website is a great first impression, so if the website is outdated, it’s likely the butcher is outdated too. 

Look at reviews

Since an online butcher isn’t as transparent as visiting a butcher’s store, it’s best to take a look at independent reviews to see what other people are saying about the butcher and their services. If the online butcher has an attached shopfront in the store, it’s a great idea to drop in and see how clean the store is and if the staff are friendly. This will give you an idea of the overall values everyone holds. 

Check sources

Some online butchers don’t disclose where their meat cuts are coming from. This is a sign of bad business practices. If you don’t know where the meat is coming from, you could be paying for lower-quality cuts than you want. You should be able to enquire about which farms are being used to source the meat and if they prioritize ethical practices. If this information is not readily available to you on the website, or by inquiry, it’s not a good sign. 

Look at photos

Buying from an online butcher isn’t the same as buying in a store, where you can check the freshness of the cuts with your senses. When you buy online, you’re relying on images of the meat. So you’re going to want to make sure the images provided aren’t stock images. This may mean the photos are lesser quality but at least you’ll know what it is you’re getting. 

Compare and contrast

It’s not enough to just walk into one butcher shop and decide what they’ll do. It’s more prudent to take a look at a few different online butchers before you make a decision. This way, when you find one that you’ll like, it will be a lasting relationship and you can count on the butcher to give you everything you need for the foreseeable future. 

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