The Global Allulose Market Was Valued at USD XX Million In 2021 And Is Expected to Reach USD 306.4 Million By the End Of 2028, Growing at A CAGR Of 10.6% Between 2022 And 2028.A sweetener called allulose has 90 percent fewer calories than other sweeteners while providing the same flavor and feel as sugar. This little difference enables the sugar substitute to replace a sufficient amount of table sugar while keeping the sweetness level at up to 70%. While other sweeteners adversely affect blood glucose levels and lead to obesity, allulose helps to reduce body weight by maintaining blood glucose levels, which helps it acquire substantial traction in the global market.

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Allulose Market Dynamics


surge in demand for convenience food:

Allulose has become an integral part of morning meals, with a high household penetration rate and common pantry staples. The majority of consumers today consider healthfulness as a vital element when choosing food products. They are increasingly looking for portable, convenient, and inventive ways to eat more healthy food such as sandwiches, salads, and healthy drinks. For this reason, consumers have shifted their consumption patterns toward healthy edibles, including foods where the use of allulose is done. This is a crucial factor that drives the growth of the market.

Health issue related to high calories sugar consumption:

Regularly consuming high-calorie sugar has a detrimental effect on health and can cause obesity or even diabetes. Unbalanced food consumption, together with the unbalanced energy that results after that meal is digested, increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and other illnesses. Due to the increased focus on health and the requirement to control the overall calorie intake, consumers nowadays are seeking foods that are nutritious, such as healthy snacks.


Government regulations:

There are stringent government norms concerning storage conditions and the environment of allulose in every country. These are to be strictly followed concerning storage to avoid any kind of food-borne disease. Additionally, round-the-clock quality checks by food inspectors are conducted to certify that prescribed rules and regulations are being followed. Huge markets including China impose hefty excise duties on imported foods for instance frozen meat and other seafood products.


Rising investments by small- & mid-sized food product manufacturing companies

The allulose market is extremely fragmented, which creates opportunities for small- & mid-sized companies to invest in this market. As the diversified players that dominate the allulose industry have a limited presence, stakeholders are planning to invest and expand their business by innovating new products. Thus, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can take benefit of premium-priced allulose-based products. Moreover, numerous companies are completely dedicated to the production and sale of allulose-based products. Thus, such factors create an opportunity to increase major traction in the coming years.

SegmentationType, Nature Type, Application and Region
By TypePowderLiquidCrystal
Nature TypeOrganicConventional
By ApplicationFoodBakery & ConfectioneryDairy & Frozen DessertsSauces & DressingsBeveragesOthers
Major Regions CoveredNorth AmericaEuropeAsia PacificLatin AmericaThe Middle East & Africa
Key Market PlayersApura IngredientsBonumose LLCBlue CaliforniaCargill IncCJ CheilJedangIngredion IncorporatedMatsutani Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.Quest LabsSamyang CorporationTate & Lyle
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