When you think about internet video websites, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Isn’t it YouTube? It’s not surprising, though: YouTube is the most popular video site in the world. However, as excellent as YouTube is, it is by no means the only viable choice. It is a generic platform for all types of audiences, and it does not have a specific niche of content or audience.

Keeping this in mind, Innovation Factory once again proved itself the best fintech solutions providing firm by announcing a new project from the Bfic ecosystem, “CrypTube”.

Crypto Dedicated Video Platform

It is a platform designed to be one of the world’s topmost crypto-dedicated platforms. This forum will be known for its high-quality content and its fully engaged crypto community; this video website will attract people with its “watch to earn” feature and the people who are truly interested in cryptocurrency – an audience that truly appreciates the medium.

It is going to be a video hosting site that fully encourages researchers and creative Crypto professionals to show off their work. In that sense, it isn’t a site like YouTube since here you won’t find a ten-hour video of a bear dancing to “Sweet Dreams.” Instead, you will find thoughtful and interesting content that will help the audience to get the most updated knowledge of the crypto world, for the most part. This gave a mega enhance to the ecosystem of BFIcoin.

Dual User Interface

CrypTube will be your go-to spot if you want to show your work and research insight into the crypto market– the kind that you’re most proud of! The coolest part is that these videos will be optimized for both desktop and mobile screens. Similar to great sites like YouTube or Wistia, CrypTube will offer comprehensive and advanced analytic tools like its watch-to-earn feature, which is instrumental to any serious video marketing campaign.

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Features of CrypTube

Cryptube will feature the top features any video platform is providing right now. Which includes:

Users can search for and watch videos

The audience of Cryptube will be able to search for their topic of interest and watch the videos they want while making money with the watch to earn attributes.

Create a personal CrypTube channel

You will be able to create your own CrypTube channels and upload the content you want people to know about.

Upload videos to your channel

Make unique and informative content to get more subscribers and followers to your videos.

Like/Comment/share other videos

The audience will be able to react to your videos/content and comment below the videos. They can ask questions and make suggestions in the comment section.

Users can subscribe/follow Cryptube channels.

Users will be able to subscribe to and follow their favorite content creators by paying a minimal fee in the form of BFIC.

Create playlists and group videos

This will be a very interesting feature for tutorial videos. You can build a playlist of step-by-step videos you create on CrypTube and share it with your audience.

Watch to earn

You probably spend hours watching videos on your phone and computer. Most of these videos are for entertainment purposes. CrypTube will bring you a chance to earn money while watching videos. With high-speed internet, watching videos and earning money for it sounds like a nice way to spend time. You can cash out your earnings in the form of BFIC.

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