The jewellery industry is an ever evolving industry that continuously has something new to offer to its customers. The creative minds of the jewellery designers and the craftsmen constantly surprise us with new designs of jewellery that inspire trends. Hatton Garden is a place in London where you can shop for the latest jewellery trends especially when it comes to diamonds jewellery. Here are a few unique jewellery designs that you can shop for in London.

Floral diamond pendants

Floral diamond pendants are the versatile pieces of jewellery that can instantly enhance any outfit. Be it a casual outfit or a formal once, a simple floral diamond pendant can work wonders for your appearance. This unique design is such that it contains a central piece of diamond which is surrounded by smaller pieces of diamonds that make for the flower petals. They can be made of natural diamonds or lab diamonds UK. The type of diamonds are the customer’s choice where they can opt for a different shape of the diamond to add a bit of a personal touch to the pendant.

Pearl and diamond jewellery

Pearls and diamonds are different types of gemstones that have been a crowd favourite at different times in the past. However, combining the beauty of these two has recently appealed to a lot of people and the different unique designs of jewellery made of pearls and diamonds can be seen on display at many jewellery stores in London.

Coloured diamond jewellery

Wearing colourful jewellery has recently become the trend where several celebrities have been seen sporting jewellery made of coloured diamonds and coloured gemstones. Diamonds are precious stones that are available in several hues and shades which equally attractive as compared to the colourless diamond jewellery. Among them, black diamonds have really become popular because of its attractive colour and mysterious nature. It offers a stark contrast to colourless diamonds making the jewellery really attract attention. This is why jewellery made with a combination of colourless and black diamonds are most coveted in the jewellery market today.

Diamond Tennis bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets are those which have a series of similarly shaped diamonds in a row. This classic design has been a favourite among the people since a very long time. Diamond tennis bracelet made of colourless diamonds was a popular choice until now but the introduction of coloured diamonds to the jewellery industry has given people a wide variety to choose from. Diamond tennis bracelets made of alternating pink and brown hued diamonds are a unique choice that are available at Hatton Garden.

Hidden Halo ringsHidden halo rings are those in which the central diamond is surrounded by a row of tiny diamonds like a halo. Just that in this design, the halo is placed beneath the girdle of the central stone in such a manner so that it is not visible to eye when the ring is viewed from the top but is only visible when you see the ring from an angle. This designs add extra sparkle to the diamond ring and is a popular wedding rings hatton garden design that most people are opting for these days.

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