Women’s rights in Islam

rights in Islam

Women’s rights in Islam

Islam is one of the largest religions practiced all over the world. The people who practice Islam has the potential that Islam is serving them with all of their rights. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has told his followers that you can not skip requests at any cost. You have to pay full dues to humans. There is no doubt that Allah Almighty has created all human beings equally. Nobody is better than others. Man and woman both are equal in the eye of Allah Almighty. Islam has given all the rights to women to live life excellently. Islam has provided women with all the rights in every aspect and every life problem. There would be no discrimination in women’s rights. However, there are so many misconceptions about Islam and women’s rights. That is why it is essential to address men and women both have equal rights in Islam.

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Rights, Respect, and importance of women in Islam

As in Islam, there is no difference between men and women. Islam does not allow a man at any cost to be dominated men over women. Considering that a woman is weak, and men will quickly dominate her, that is not permitted in Islam. Islam believes in gender equality. Both the men and women are provided with all their rights. There is no concept of superiority of both. In the perspective of human rights, both have their rights. In the religion of Islam, women are allowed to make their decision; she is allowed to choose whether she wants to be with someone or not, she is allowed to practice her profession, she is allowed to tell who she wants in her life and who does not want in her life. She has all the rights that a man has in his life. She has all kinds of freedom to select her life partner, and if she cannot afford to live with that person, she is allowed to call the marriage quit. Nobody can force her into this matter of her life. In Islam, men are told to behave nicely and love their wives, sister, and mother. In the religion of Islam, women have all the rights, honor, and dignity. She is the most honorable in the religion of Islam. Get the idea from the Online Quran Reading Course.

What does Quran say about women?

The Quran is the holy book of Islam. In the Quran, it is mentioned clearly that the man and women both are equal in front of Allah Almighty. Man is not superior to women. Allah Almighty will see them based on their actions and their thoughts. Allah Almighty will not judge them by their gender. In front of Allah Almighty, all his mankind is equal. The Quran says that women have all the rights that a man has in Islam. All the mothers have their rights over their sons; all the wives have their rights over their husbands, all the sisters have their rights over their brothers, all the daughters have their rights over their fathers. No man is allowed not to fulfill the requests of women. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has always encouraged the man who supports and meet woman’s rights and treat them with all love and care.


In final words, Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. Islam supports all the positivity and love. There are many misconceptions that Islam does not allow women to practice their rights. However, this is not true. Islam allows women to practice all their rights. There is no discrimination between men and women to practice in the religion of Islam. The woman can live her life and practice her life as she wants. There are no restrictions for a woman who practices her rights. Islam encourages those who support woman’s rights.

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