Why food restaurants use table tents for their customers?

Why food restaurants use table tents for their cus

Table tents are the most commonly seen object at any restaurant. You might have seen hundreds of them in various eating places but have you ever wondered why food chains and restaurants place them at the table? They are the most reliable source to do marketing inside an eatery without even letting the customers know that they are being targeted with an advertisement message. Usually, they are printed on cardboard or paper stock with a lot of colours and text on them. Cafés use them to promote their newly launched items as well as to let the customers know about deals available. They are also used to influence the buying behaviour of the customers regarding a particular item such as pizza. Following are some of the benefits that come with this handy and fashionable marketing tool. 

Promotion of products

They are considered to be the best way to tell the customers about the current promotions that your restaurant is offering on specific items. They are also helpful to let them know about the new products available at your eateries such as seasonal soap, juices, any particular flavour of ice cream, or any other thing like that. Use the table tent printing to achieve the goal in an effective way. The biggest advantage of that is that the visitors do not get annoyed by it and if they do not want the item they simply overlook it. On the other hand, if you assign the task to the servicemen at the café, it is very likely that they will get annoyed by it and might not like the way they are being enforced for a certain product even if they want it badly. 

Showcase your creativity

These promotional articles are also the best chance to showcase your artistic skills to the customers visiting your restaurant for the first time. Usually, the triangle tent cards are used by the cafés to display the message, but their shape can be changed as well. You have to make sure that the shape you are choosing for the tents should be eye-catching and it should leave a positive impression on the customers. Other than the triangle tent cards, folded tents can also be used to grab the attention of the customers. Such folded cards can be printed with attention-grabbing words such as surprise, great deal, happy hour, and festival. These words will enhance the curiosity of the visitors and they will pick up the card and open it to see what it is that the café is offering. Ultimately, it results in the increased sale of the product and higher revenue for the eatery. 

Advertising of upcoming events

Whether it is a national occasion or an event that the food junction is about to offer, these cards are the most effective way to promote it. Offering such events by the food outlets is a common thing, especially when a national or local holiday is ahead. They get these table tents printed according to the occasion and place them on the table so that the customers visiting their place get to know that there is a big offer coming up on a particular occasion. These occasions can be New Year, Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, or any other event of local importance. Sometimes, the restaurants offer such promotions just to grab the attention of the locals without any specific occasion ahead. Another way they use these cards is to offer birthday celebrations at their place. They get their offers printed on these cards and let the customers know through it that they are offering such a deal. 

Join a cause

Another useful way table tents restaurant is used is to make the visitors aware of an ongoing campaign that serves a larger purpose such as tree plantation or cleaning of the woods just outside the town. Other campaigns such as endorsement about promoting green packaging, anti-tobacco, anti-alcoholic, animal protection, and many others can be done through these panels. Doing so not only makes the customers aware of the drive but also gives them the impression that you are contributing to the goodwill of the society being an active part of it. 

The benefits that the eating places can get with these tents are much more than that but one thing can be said with surety that they do have an impact on the visitors. They get convinced with them without being annoyed and if they do not like the message, they can simply put aside the panel and continue with their meal.

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