What is the primary reason for piles?

Piles Treatment

What is the primary reason for piles?

The engorged or swollen blood vessels (vascular structures) within and around the rectum and anus which manifest as tags or lumps are referred to as piles. Most of the time, they can be present without a sign of it, but they may get more severe if not treated. They may hinder the flow of stool and may cause serious bleeding.

Conventional treatments don’t offer permanent solutions for piles. It is recommended to go for a proven and effective surgical treatment that is offered by the House of Doctors and get treated by the top piles specialist in Kolkata.

What are the causes of Piles?

Proctologists from the House of Doctors explain that various underlying causes and lifestyle choices can cause bleeding and piles. Knowing the cause is a good way to aid in obtaining the most effective treatment for the piles.

Constipation and chronic diarrhoea Lack of fibre in the diet Heavy lifting during pregnancy straining while passing stool Sitting for long hours in the toilet straining while passing an item of stool. Being overweight. sexual intercourse

Do you have a chance of getting piles?

In the House of Doctors, we provide every aspect of the pimples for you. Our surgeons will explain certain elements that could make you more susceptible to developing piles.

The term “old age” refers to i.e. over 50 years old Family history Infections in the canals of the anal canal Ascitis Chronic cough Liver cirrhosis Occupational conditions that require a lot of sitting

What is the procedure for laser treatments at the House of Doctors?

House of Doctors (HOD) utilizes the most sophisticated method of laser surgery to treat piles. HOD employs the Hemorrhoid Laser procedure (LHP) which utilizes controlled laser emission to stop the influx of blood vessels into the hemorrhoidal masses. It is among the most cutting-edge techniques for piles treatment. It’s an outpatient procedure that fully cures 1st 3rd, 2nd and 4th degree piles.

Once you have contacted us at the House of Doctors, we immediately forward your request with one of our renowned piles surgeons to conduct a thorough analysis. After our surgeon has analyzed the situation, he/she will explain the entire procedure, what to expect, and the results. Our medical support team will arrange your pick and drop time, takes care of the paperwork process and makes sure that you’re treated in the most reputable surgery center in Kolkata.

When our surgeon is sure that you’re in good shape to undergo surgery, local anaesthesia will be administered by a group of top anaesthetists, accompanied by our medical staff. The laser procedure lasts for 30 minutes , and your piles will be completely taken care of.

House of Doctors offers both in-patient and outpatient piles laser procedure in Kolkata. The surgeon who performed the surgery will assess you and may recommend a day of admission based on your health medical condition. After the discharge, our piles physician conducts final tests to make sure you’ve been treated properly and to examine any complications that might arise. After your discharge, you can return to your normal routine within a couple of days.

What are the benefits you can expect by choosing laser surgery with House of Doctors?

The House of Doctors has set the standard for surgical procedures for piles. Laser assisted techniques are utilized by our top surgeons in an extremely precise way. This will not only guarantee your safety but also gives you with the highest quality outcomes throughout your the course of your. There are many advantages to choosing laser techniques are discussed here.

You can be treated in 30 minutes. The most effective and efficient procedure. No relapses, no pain or loss of blood during the day treatment process. You can resume your normal routine immediately. Highly precise and accurate procedure There are no complications and recovery is within 3 days The only permanent way for treating piles

Pick the best treatment for your piles from House of Doctors

House of Doctors offers an innovative, patient-centered approach to perform a simple but effective piles surgery. Our affiliated hospitals provide an environment that is safe and healthy in which you can be treated by highly regarded surgeons with the utmost attention to. Our team provides personalized healthcare options and takes care of every step of your process from admission until discharge without stressing you. In the past we have grown into an industry leader in laser treatment for piles in Kolkata.

Remove your piles in only 30 minutes! Contact us now.

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