What is Sign Language?

What is Sign language.

What is Sign Language?

Sign language is manual communication used by deaf people. Each action through hands is called a sign. Each sign has three different parts: the handshape, the position of the hands, and the movement of the hands. It is developed to meet the need of the deaf to communicate with each other. Sign language plays an important role in shaping one’s future. Its importance is increasing day by day. It doesn’t seem easy, but it is too much easy. According to WHO, it is estimated that 466 million people worldwide are with hearing loss. Not only common people, Some of our most talented historical figures, celebrities, and influencers are also deaf or hard of hearing. Many talented individuals have made incredible accomplishments and haven’t let deafness hold them back, proving that the deaf community can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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The recorded history of sign language in Western societies starts in the 17th century as a visual language or method of communication. However, references to forms of communication using hand gestures date back as far as 5th century BC Greece. The first person who created a formal sign language for hearing loss was PEDRO PONCE DELEON, a 16th-century Spanish Benedictine monk. There are more than 300 sign languages used in the world. Quintus pedius is the earliest deaf person in known history known by name. The first American institute for the deaf was created in 1817 by LAURENT CLERC and THOMAS HOPKINS GALLAUDET. They are also called the inventor of the American sign language.


Actions made using hands, fingers, arms, head, and also facial expression also helps the deaf and dumb to communicate with the people around them and vice versa. It helps them understand the world around them through visual descriptions and contribute to society as an outcome. Many people in the world are living with some level of hearing loss. Thus sign languages are an extremely important communication tool and help them be a part of society. A smart study shows that individuals who can sign have smart abilities to read general body language. According to GEORGE VEDITZ, 

                “Sign language is the noblest gift God has given to deaf people.”


  1. Many deaf people have “name signs.”
  2. Babies pick up a sign like spoken language.
  3. It is the fourth most used language in the UK.
  4. The direction of the palm can change the entire meaning of the sign.
  5. Sign language is not as hard to learn as it seems.
  6. Every country has their sign
  7. Each sign is composed of five components. Any alteration in them will change the entire definition of the sign
  8. Two movements of the same handshape can have a separate meaning
  9. Sign languages have their definite grammar
  10. There are more than three hundred different sign languages in the world.


Between two individuals who have no language in common. Sign language is defined as the way to communicate using hand gestures and symbols for words or letters of the alphabet, often used by those who are hard of hearing. An example of sign language is the means of communication used by Helen Keller mentioned in different books. Helen Keller single-handedly changed the lives of disabled people through her empathy and activism. 


Sign language is a well-substantiated way to promote self-esteem and confidence for children whether deaf, hard of hearing, ‘disabled’ or hearing. Language plays a vital role in people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Through sign languages, they can move with the present era. Helen Keller is renowned as an advocate for people with disabilities. Being deaf and dumb, she still sets the best example for deaf people. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard. With sign language, deaf people are heard. Believe it or not, some of the greatest achievements in our world’s history were achieved by Deaf people. Past and present from the arts, science, & literature fields have been to the top with hearing loss and created the finest work that is embraced today and will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

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