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RFID But one of the technologies that have become more relevant in the last 10 years is radio frequency identification (RFID). But what is an RFID solutions in Pakistan? and how it works?

What is RFID technology?

The first thing we need to know about RFID is that it is an asset tracking technology. It is used in various applications and industries, such as security, airlines, asset monitoring, military, health, etc.

This technology allows for wireless communication, including electrostatic coupling. Data is stored on the chip, and unlike barcode technology, RFID tags do not have to be scanned in a straight line. Nor is it necessary to read individual elements one by one.

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The technology was invented in the 1940s, but its commercial use wasn’t developed until the 1970s. When it started being used for tracking in businesses.
Now it is one of the most widely used technologies and its market is growing rapidly. According to Grand View Research, the global RFID market is expected to reach $40.5 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.7%.

What are the types of RFID systems?

Basically, the RFID system can be divided into three categories:

Low Frequency – Ranges from 30kHz to 500kHz, which means that to scan the tag, one must be close to the item. It has a maximum reach of 90 cm.

High frequency: high frequency has a range of 3MHz to 30MHz, it has a better reading range. About a meter and a half.

Ultra-High Frequency: It has a wide range of 300 MHz to 960 MHz, which means that it can read labels from 5 to 8 meters away.

What are the components of RFID?

Any RFID solution requires three basic elements to function: RFID Tag or Tag, an RFID Reader and an Antenna. These elements are discussed in detail below:


There are several types of labels on the market. Each label has a microchip that contains information about the goods. This helps to identify the goods. Some advanced tags have more memory and more information can be added.

To choose the most suitable type of RFID tag for the company, an analysis of the application must be done. Since some types of RFID tags are expensive and their efficiency can decrease when water or metal interferes.

TAGs are the basis for applying RFID technology in your company.

Therefore, we offer a wide range of RFID tags that will solve your problem. Also if you work in specific and demanding environments, since we manufacture special TAGS to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

  • Textile labels
    These TAGs are used in retail stores as they can be sewn on textile garments.
  • Laundry labels
    They perfectly withstand heat, chemicals and up to more than 300 washes.
  • Metal Labels
    Extremely small in size, designed to work on metal, and very strong.
  • Labels for special applications
    Designed to identify special products, it supports extreme processes such as immersion, heat sealing, etc.

RFID reader

The RFID reader is the device that reads the data and information from the tag. These can come mobile or be fixed in place.

For example, RFID readers are used in toll booths. This is an example of a stationary reader. Although mobile readers are used by employees in shopping malls, these are handheld scanners.

Readers don’t have to read or scan from a straight line or directly. These can scan behind plastic, glass or wood.


Both the tags and the readers have radio antennas that allow them to talk to each other. The size and quality of these determine the reading range. That is, how far apart they can be and still transmit.

An advanced RFID system has an antenna that comes in two shapes, linear and circular. In linear planes, waves propagate vertically. They provide better control and labels can be read consistently. Whereas in a circular antenna there is a double spiral plane. Provides a wider range for the linear antenna, helping to optimize performance.


RFID is an innovative technology for tracking assets and equipment. In different settings and in a unique way. It can be beneficial for many companies that want to know the location of their assets all the time.

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