What is a greenhouse misting system?

Green house misting system

We all feel uncomfortable in hot weather, not to mention plants. In hot summer, the temperature and humidity environment in the greenhouse has a certain impact on plant growth and production. Creating a comfortable, fresh and cool environment in the greenhouse is beneficial to increase crop yield. The greenhouse misting system has been widely used in the edible fungi, vegetables, and flowers industry, and it is a product of energy-saving and environmental protection. In the environment of hot weather in summer, people will choose to stay in the air-conditioned room and will not choose to feel the enthusiasm of the sun outside. People would rather stay in the air-conditioned rooms than go out, so do plants. Therefore, the use of a greenhouse mist system is also more important and obvious.

In the hot summer, the high temperature in the greenhouse is unbearable, the workers’ work efficiency is low, and the output of crops is directly reduced by 30% or 40%. Therefore, the cooling artifact appeared one after another. What new skills make the greenhouse more intelligent? Can you make the cooling speed faster?

Now there is an artifact, which can not only cool the greenhouse instantly but also have other unexpected functions. That is the greenhouse mist system, which can cool down and increase humidity. What is a greenhouse mist system?

The greenhouse mist system is a greenhouse cooling and humidifying tool, which can automatically control temperature and humidity, and even the concentration of carbon dioxide. It can create ideal growing conditions for plants and play an important role. Many factors affect the growth of plants. Important factors such as humidity, ventilation system, cool location, and air circulation. Humidity control is essential to maintain a comfortable environment for your plants. When water evaporates, a large amount of water will be lost as the gas escapes into the air. In order to replenish water, it is necessary to mist and humidification the greenhouse. The greenhouse is the answer to the most problems.

Principle of the greenhouse mist system

The principle of a high-pressure mist system is that high-pressure water is ejected from the micro-pores and collided with solid, thus forming a water mist. The pressurized water is atomized by a professional nozzle to produce 0.10-15 micron particles, which can diffuse quickly in the air, thus completing the landscaping, humidification, cooling, disinfection, insecticidal and other purposes for the environment. The mist emitted by the mist system is very small. It can suspend in the air for a long time and spread everywhere.

Advantages of the greenhouse mist system

Cooling: the hot weather in summer will increase the temperature in the warm room, resulting in the loss of water and even the withering of plants. The greenhouse mist system can widely reduce the temperature and maintain a certain humidity in the greenhouse.

Humidification: the humidity in the closed environment is too low, resulting in dehydration and withering of plants during planting, slow growth, and heavy losses. At this point, it is necessary to use a mist system to humidification the air to promote plant growth.

Disinfection or insect repellent: a certain proportion of liquid medicine is added to the mist system to help plants destroy pests and disinfect them. Therefore, the crop yield is greatly improved.

The greenhouse also helps to make sure that plants remain pest-free and reduce pathogen pollution.


So the conclusion is this may be it is a bit expensive but it will help you a lot maybe save you from the bigger problem.

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