What are the Primary Responsibilities of a Solutions Architect?

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A solution architect designs architecture based on client needs and defines the development stages that their team members have to go through. Architects also help estimate the overall cost of building, optimizing, and maintaining the undertaken projects. They lead the process and ensure that the application works as intended, both on-premises and cloud-native avatars. 

AWS Certified Solution Architects must have a combination of skills to help design, build and lead the technology environment. Solution architects help design the cloud-native infrastructure that AWS cloud developers leverage to develop apps. Then, AWS System Administrators and DevOps Engineers maintain these apps in the cloud. 

Skills Required to Become an AWS Certified Solution Architect

A solution architect needs to have an information technology background and a strong knowledge of software solutions and the assessment and mapping of products. There are specific skills required to become a solution architect; these include:

  • Solution Design: A solution architect should comprehensively shape, design, and manage a solution. They must be assertive and responsible and multitask to ensure the solution is satisfactory.
  • Solid Technical Skills: Hands-on, demonstrable knowledge in technical aspects is required to offer guidance, identify risks, maintain efficiency and assess the infrastructure of the technical solution. They should be familiar with all the elements involved in the solution. 
  • Cloud computing knowledge: Solutions architects should be well versed with cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web services etc., and have enough experience with projects in relevant domains.

They should have a strong understanding of business techniques and have relevant organizational, analytical, and system thinking abilities. In addition, understanding typical enterprise integration patterns is crucial for becoming an AWS Certified Solution Architect. 

These toolbelts of skills allow AWS Solutions Architects to deploy an effective solution with the help of their techniques, tools, and technologies.

In addition, AWS training and certification can help provide you with the skills required to become a solution architect. 

Primary Responsibilities of AWS Solution Architect 

Solutions Architects have to manage a plethora of processes. There are several responsibilities associated with a solution architect. 

A few of the main processes that they are responsible for are: 

  • Functional Requirements: Solution architects, especially AWS certified ones, must ensure that the software they work on fulfils all the necessities. These are requirements that specify what the software should do. In addition, they have to design solutions that meet the enterprise environment and comply with all the technical specifications.
  • Non-functional Requirements: It refers to how the software performs a command. The solution architect’s responsibility is to ensure the seamless following of all the actions. 
  • Designing systems and tools, working with AWS cloud, and performing architectural analysis for an appropriate system delivery is significant task.
  • The primary responsibility is to design, develop, and maintain cost-efficient and scalable systems to deliver a top-quality service to their clients.
  • They devise a solution prototype that they plan to implement, keeping in mind its upgrading and maintenance and conducting regular research to see how they can be more productive in solving the assigned problems. 
  • These professionals mitigate possible risks and deliberate the limitations they would face.
  • Configuration of business solutions is a great responsibility. Therefore, they ensure adherence to the best practices for configuration management.
  • They ensure the careful preparation of technical documents and other necessary information needed for multiple solutions.
  • Provide cloud security to their business clients for their private data and deal with high-risk security architecture issues.

After completing the AWS Certification course, you will know how to fulfil the responsibilities attached to your role and ensure that you meet the client’s needs. 

Challenges Faced by a Solution Architect 

There are several challenges that the employees have to face in any profession. The top challenges faced by an AWS Certified Solution Architect are:

  • Solution architect needs to stay updated with the latest technologies, techniques, and tools, which can be time-consuming. 
  • They are usually responsible for the downfall of any project as they are the ones who guide all the team members.
  • There are hundreds of factors affecting a solution; therefore, a solution architect needs to be very careful and cover all of them in a balanced way.
  • They have to comply with all the technical requirements, and at the same time, they have to address the client’s different concerns and needs.


AWS Solutions architects are cloud computing experts responsible for designing the architecture of a company’s cloud assets. Their role will continue to evolve in the future. More and more professionals are setting sights on this position every day. AWS solution architects are valuable assets in any organization, but their importance is more distinct in large companies that need a robust solution architecture framework in the IT industry. 

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