What are the advantages from Laser Surgery for Piles?

Piles Surgery

Hemorrhoids often referred to as piles, are veins that have a tendency to swell growing around the anus, or within it. Hemorrhoids that are internal can be hazardous, and external hemorrhoids may cause pain and discomfort, especially because of the sensitiveness of the region.

The first method of treatment

If you suffer from this disease, the best treatment is to adopt the diet of a high levels of fiber and avoid processed foods. The diet must be designed to minimize the risk of constipation. So whole fruits, vegetables, grains and so on. should be part of the daily diet. A Piles doctor in Kolkata might also suggest an intake of fiber.

In addition to the diet, it’s essential to consume plenty of water. It is advised to drink at least 7 glasses of water a each day. In order to reduce swelling in the area, and to ease itching and pain You can soak in warm baths. Applying petroleum jelly on the area affected can help. Another way to minimize the swelling is to apply an ice pack on the area of the body that is painful.

Consult your physician about over-the-counter creams and gels to treat the symptoms of pimples. These treatments focus on specific symptoms, rather than treating the actual condition. Most of the time, when the symptoms are serious choosing surgery is the best option. The options for treating hemorrhoids surgically are:

  • Photocoagulation
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Rubber Band Litigation
  • Laser treatment

The main issue with Ointments for medical use is that they do not have any impact on hemorrhoids in the internal area. Therefore, if oral medication aren’t working surgery is the only choice left. Laser surgery is among the most sought-after methods of treatment for piles.

The procedure

If the initial course of treatment isn’t working doctors usually recommend the use of surgery for shrinking or eliminating hemorrhoid. While traditional surgical options are still being used but laser hemorrhoid procedure is quickly becoming the most popular option for medical specialists.

If a patient isn’t showing specific symptoms that are predetermined, laser surgery is among best options to treat piles. The procedure is known as infrared-based coagulation and is a minimally invasive surgery option that offers multiple benefits to the patient.

Why is it a popular choice?

A piles laser procedure is the most preferred choice for both doctors as well as patients. The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure which is more efficient. By using lasers, the surgeon can identify the specific tissue that must be treated. The surrounding tissues remain unaffected.

For patients who require laser surgery, laser surgery for piles is the best option because there’s no bleeding, and it’s quicker to recover. It is non-invasive and doesn’t require medication. The procedure is minimal to no discomfort.

During the procedure the laser is directed at the affected area and seals off tiny circulation of blood and the nerves. When nerve endings are sealed, there isn’t any discomfort that is felt by patients. In addition, laser hemorrhoid procedure is a very efficient procedure, and is one of the major reasons for why it is a popular procedure.

Benefits of treating piles using laser surgery

The patient is less discomfort when compared with other procedures

There is no requirement to be hospitalized for the procedure. The patient is discharged on the same day.

When compared to conventional surgical options, laser surgery can be significantly safer

Because the blood vessels of the region of the anal are sealed off with the laser, there is no bleeding that occurs during the procedure.

Risks of developing any other medical complications arising are very low

  • The surgeon can choose from a wide range of possibilities for maximizing the effectiveness to make use of laser light increasing the odds of success during the procedure.
  • The surgical procedure is simpler and less risky.
  • Facilitates the rapid healing process of the wound
  • Since general anesthesia doesn’t need to be used to undergo the procedure, process is much more speedy.
  • With so many advantages Laser surgery is an option worth looking into in the case of piles.
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