Water Logic Offers RO Plants For Ice Factories In Pakistan


Reverse osmosis for an ice factories

Reverse osmosis plants are indispensable for an ice factory. When RO water forms crystalline ice, it is as durable and solid as tap water ice. The price of crystalline ice is higher than that of conventional ice available on the market. Thus, RO ice cream will improve the quality of ice cream and increase its profitability.

Secondly, all provincial food authorities in Pakistan follow strict regulations, so an ice cream factory with RO is now their requirement.

WATER LOGIC’s RO machines are specially designed for ice cream factories, taking into account their needs and requirements. Our RO plants are approved and accepted by all provincial food authorities in Pakistan.

Advantages of RO plants for waste treatment

  • Produces dense and durable crystalline ice (which melts late) compared to tap water.
  • Reduces energy costs; the freezing time of RO water ice is shorter than that of tap water ice.
  • Increases profits since RO ice has a higher market price than tap water ice.
  • Approved and recommended by the Food Safety Authority.

Reverse osmosis equipment for the production of bottled water

It is well known that municipal water sources are not suitable for drinking if they are full of contaminants. This general social problem creates a need for bottled water. There is a huge potential in this sector. Many national and international companies are operating in this sector. Many local brands have installed reverse osmosis mineral water plants and are successfully operating in the bottled water sector.

WATER LOGIC manufactures the best reverse osmosis mineral water plants. We offer not only technical assistance to our customers, but also free advice and assistance in starting a reverse osmosis/bottled mineral water business, including full project feasibility, empty bottle management, brand design and registration, etc.

Specialized reverse osmosis plants

WATER LOGIC specializes in the design and manufacture of intelligent and efficient reverse osmosis plants for the purification of tap water, acid water and sea water. The reverse osmosis plants are equipped with the most modern technology for the treatment of reverse osmosis water, an extremely powerful reverse osmosis plant with very low operating costs.

We offer a full range of commercial and industrial reverse osmosis plants, available and custom built, from 250 to 50 000 LPH (liters per hour). These reverse osmosis systems produce high quality water at very low cost, and are all designed with state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology for accurate and customized solutions.

Reverse osmosis plants have been used for water purification on a large scale for decades. Reverse osmosis is used in facilities where clean water is used as an ingredient/solvent in industrial and commercial processes such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, paints, textiles, chemicals or other consumer goods, as drinking water in schools, colleges, universities, factories, offices, restaurants and resorts, and in many other areas.

Industrial RO treatment equipment

Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems are designed to remove up to 99.9% of salts and impurities. water supply from sources such as groundwater, salt water, sea water, and municipal water. The system blocks sediments, bacteria, particles, sugars, proteins, dyes and contaminants with molecular weights greater than 150-250 Daltons.

WATER LOGIC offers a wide range of customized and pre-assembled industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems from 250 LPH to 100 000 LPH, depending on the industrial application and water consumption. Our efficient, high quality, cost-effective and energy-saving systems are specifically designed to meet the requirements and applications of industrial water and produce high quality water at very competitive prices.

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