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Online blog videos help companies connect with their audience on an emotional level. They offer brands a unique opportunity to better connect with their target market. Video also provides marketing advantages that cannot be found in other advertising strategies such as written content.

Video marketing helps companies build lasting relationships. Brands can use videos to show their target markets that this isn’t just a web-less transaction. Rewards come in many forms, including increasing your online presence and increasing your brand credibility.

Here are the main reasons brands put online videos on their blogs:

• Online video provides greater coverage.

Undoubtedly, the most important advantage of online video marketing is its increased reach. Video content provides branded access to major, often free traffic sources like YouTube and Vimeo. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread information about a brand’s products and services.

Online users save and share videos more often than text interactive post. This is mainly because people are more sensitive to highly visual content. The brand’s online presence grows every time they find and share videos that connect with them on a personal level.

• Online video shows customer feedback in 3D.

Reviews and testimonials from real customers are essential to increase brand credibility. It also increases the likelihood that visitors to your website or blog will become a paid customer. Strategic and genuine testimonials from real customers can easily entice skeptical visitors to trade with a better brand than other marketing strategies.

Consumers trust customer video ratings nearly 12 times more than text reports and company descriptions. Written reviews are much better than no feedback, but video testimonials are much more persuasive and engaging. This is because skeptical visitors get credible assurance that the brand’s “happy customers” are genuine and genuinely satisfied with the way the company treats its business. Video recommendations are hard to fake, so the video also lowers the company’s suspicions.

• Online videos add “personality” to your brand message.

Unlike other content formats, video makes it easy to add characters and characters to your messages. Most text material sounds boring and sterile. Worse still, some marketers try to add personality to their copy by distorting every other sentence or exaggerating every word.

Consumers want to do business with brands they know and trust. Even if your brand offers great products and services, your conversion rates will drop dramatically if you can’t compete with your competitors.

There is no lack of personality in the video content. And the personality of the movie makes it more likely that people will remember it over time.

Instead of selling the product, IKEA uses video to identify the why, how and what behind the catalog. In this way, IKEA creates emotions, feelings and personalities for our customers.

• Online videos are much more impressive than hard copy.

Every time people browse the internet, they are exposed to thousands of advertisements and promotions. Many of these ads do not come to mind as online users subconsciously ignore the ads. Even if the written copy manages to attract the attention of the consumer, it is doubtful that he will remember it after a while.

The opposite is true for video ads. Online users can easily ignore the hard copy, but not the video content. The presence of videos promoting the brand’s products and services has already aroused interest in the minds of the audience. This positive effect has another positive effect that entices the visitor to watch the movie quickly.

• Online video increases customer satisfaction.

Marketing your products on the Internet comes with several challenges. Firstly, buyers cannot perceive and inspect the product with their own hands. The video can help you solve this particular problem. Brands not only tell the market how it works, but also show what products and services it uses. The video also helps the customer visualize how the product or service helped solve the problem.

Cinema8 shows the customer the solution to the problem. The video shows how the product helped solve the problem.

Adding online video to your blog gives businesses a quick connection to their target market. This is a video marketing strategy that every business should use.

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