Understanding The Benefits Of Prenatal Pilates


While most forms of exercise while pregnant are good for helping you stay physically fit, one of the better options is Pilates. This is because it helps you strengthen the very muscles you will be using to have your baby. By building the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles you are more likely to ‘enjoy’ an easier delivery and potentially it could even speed the process up. It makes it safer and easier for you and the baby and you will recover more quickly after delivery too. Prenatal Pilates Brixton classes are also great because of how they can be adapted to be safe for you to do. As a woman gets bigger and grows a human being their body changes and what you can and should do also changes. Pilates can be adjusted to accommodate this.

Find a specialised class and qualified instructor

It is important when looking at pilates Brixton for pregnant women, to find a specialised class that is led by someone qualified and experienced in teaching classes to pregnant women. You should not try Pilates by yourself with no experience in what pregnant Pilates exercises look like. In the right hands this is good for mother and child but avoid overdoing it and monitor yourself for certain signs that you are pushing too hard. Make sure your energy levels do not drop, that you are not too breathless to talk, that you are not feeling faint or lightheaded, that your heart is not racing, you do not have a headache and there is no leaking, bleeding or contractions.

Careful exercise is, in general, a good thing when pregnant

For the majority of pregnant women some form of prenatal exercise is good for them. But some women have to stay in bed, or take it easy and that means no exercise. Otherwise sensible and careful exercise is a good thing. Prenatal pilates Brixton is one option that can help you with balance, and having stronger and more toned bodies. It can also help boost energy levels and how good you are feeling. In most cases, moderate exercise is good throughout a healthy pregnancy. Just keep in mind some of the following pieces of advice;

  1. Make sure you do not over strain your stomach muscles
  2. Avoid any movement that requires you to lie down on your back
  3. Be careful with your lower back muscles
  4. Do not overstretch any joints, during pregnancy, hormones released makes ligaments looser and therefore a lot more vulnerable


When you take everything into consideration attending prenatal pilates Brixton classes is a great way to prepare for birth, stay physically and mentally healthy and get back into shape. Talk to a doctor to make sure you are good to go, make sure you adjust what you do as the pregnancy progresses and check that the leader of the class is qualified. Enjoy the benefits a good Pilates prenatal and postnatal class can bring!

Bio – Piccolo Pilates brings Pilates classes designed by Georgie Morrow to the Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill area in South London. Designed to build your strength, enhance your movement and connect you to your body. Currently focusing on pre and post natal classes but more classes coming soon. Pregnancy evening class run at The Effra space in Brixton on a Monday night. Mum and Baby Pilates run at The Yellow Qube in Tulse Hill on Wednesday Mornings. Post Natal Pilates run at The Carnegie Library in Herne Hill on Tuesday evenings.

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