Top Seven Enterprise Router Vendors to Consider in 2020

Cisco 1921 Router

Enterprise Router

Enterprise routers are essential products that any enterprise or business utilizes. They play a crucial function for enterprises and businesses in connecting computer networks as well as the internet. They have a variety of functions such as enterprise routing that provides businesses with more processing power to manage the location of their tasks. 

In addition, it offers enterprises the ability to upgrade their interfaces for Ethernet as well as WAN circuits, running NetFlow/sFlow MPLS as well as QoS and security functions. It can also incorporate deep packet inspection as well as the acceleration of WAN networks. Enterprise routers aid in increasing productivity at the office. 

Installing an enterprise router requires know-how and experience as an engineer. If your company needs an Enterprise router, Field Engineer can help. Register to find an engineer who is a freelancer. Check out system storage battery 41y0679 price online in ae.

What exactly does Enterprise Router even mean? Let’s take it apart. The router can be described as a network device that carries data packets across computer networks. Routers help in managing the flow of traffic on websites and networks efficiently. Packets are a means which carries data over networks.

These data packets are routed between routers via an established internetwork until they arrives at the destination. The term “enterprise” within the business router refers to the differences in the implementation. 

Wireless routers at home include Wi-Fi which makes setup easy. However, business routers require an expert network engineer because of its complex nature. Enterprise routers are equipped with a variety of Ethernet ports that manage millions of data packets per second. 

Enterprise routers are available in various sizes, based on the dimensions of your business and the typical use of data. They are designed as modular, centrally-located and rack-mounted devices. Enterprise routers are an advanced device that can connect massive companies as well as ISP (Internet Service Provider) networks.

With the many Enterprise Routers that are available and available, the choices can be overwhelming. This article will help in providing the choices and deciding on the most suitable Enterprise Router Vendor to suit your enterprise or business. 

When selecting the right enterprise-grade router to use for your company it is crucial to consider the following important aspects including speed, design software, size, reliability, security, as well as cost.

Top 7 Enterprise Router Vendors

Cisco Enterprise Routers

Cisco Systems, one of the most renowned networking firms in the world provides switches, routers, and other network equipment. Cisco Enterprise Routers and Switching can transform your network’s security to make it more secure with the security protocol.

Cisco Routers will allow your company network to be more intelligent and responsive and integrate by utilizing their flexible and adaptive technology.

In spite of the fact that Cisco is well-known, they offer a variety of choices of routers to select from. This means that you have to pick not just the brand, but also the best Cisco router for your company and you. 

If you are looking to connect your network with the Internet the Cisco Enterprise Router could be a good option. To determine the most suitable solution for your company, find the best Cisco Enterprise Routers on the market today.

Top Cisco Network Routers:

CISCO Integrated Services Routers (Branch)

Cisco Integrated Service Routers expand Cisco’s range in the field of “branch offices routers” by the integration of multiple system services on one platform. This is a significant advancement over routers which previously required additional hardware in order to be able to run.

  • CISCO 800 Series ISR
  • CISCO 4000 Series ISRM
  • CISCO Meraki MX
  • CISCO WAN Aggregation Routers

Cisco’s Cisco WAN Aggregation Routers offer superior IP along with customizable and scalable IP services that are located at the edge of the network.

  1. CISCO NCS 5000 Series
  2. CISCO NCS 5500 Series
  3. CISCO ASR 1000 Series
  4. CISCO Internet Edge Routers

Edge routers are routers that are situated on an edge of a network that allow campuses to connect with external networks. Edge routers are employed in two distinct divisions: WAN and the web.

  1. CISCO ASR 1000 Series
  2. CISCO ASR 9000 Series
  3. CISCO Service Provider Core

Provider Cores are renowned for communicating with operations in a consistent manner while scalability is a breeze from single chassis configurations to a massive multi-chassis system.

  • CISCO NCS 5500 Series
  • CISCO NCS 6000 Series
  • CISCO ASR 9000 Series
  • CISCO Industrial

Cisco Industrial Integrated Services Routers are small and are designed for harsh conditions.

  • CISCO 800 Series Industrial Integrated Services Router
  • CISCO 900 Series Industrial
  • CISCO 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers
  • CISCO 2000 Series Connected Grid Routers
  • CISCO 500 Series WPAN Industrial Routers
  • Cisco Integrated Services Virtual Router

The Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) is a component of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture that enables the business to innovate and grow at all remote locations.



These Cisco Router specifications provide an opportunity to gain a better knowledge of which series is the most appropriate option for your company. The primary advantage for Cisco Routers is their security. From edge to edge. Each switch comes with a built-in risk protection. For more details about this series of routers, visit their website. Check used server chassis price online in Ae. Cisco Routers series, go to their website.

Top 5 Cisco Enterprise Routers

Cisco 800 Series ISR – providing multiple system services that can be integrated into one platform

Cisco NCS5000 Series – premium IP that offers scalable IP services at the edges of the network

Cisco ASR 1000 Series – particular routers on a network’s boundary, allowing campuses to connect with other systems

Cisco ASR 9000 – a Provider Core is famous for its constant operation-based communication

Cisco 2000 Series Grid Routers for industrial use, small and designed for extreme environments

Cisco Common Home & Business Routers

A fast and secure internet is an essential requirement for the majority of home as well as business proprietors. There are many things to consider when choosing the right one and here are some alternatives:

Home Routers

  • Cisco Systems Gigabit Dual WAN VPN 14 Port Router
  • Cisco Systems 24 – Port Gigabit Switch
  • Cisco RV130W Wireless N VPN Router
  • Business Routers
  • Cisco SP122 Small Business ATA with Router
  • Cisco IOS XRv 9000 Integrated Services Virtual Router
  • Cisco NCS 6000 Series Service Provider Core
  • Cisco’s Carrier Grade Router

The router that is carrier-grade by Cisco includes the CRS-X that offers the most impressive scale of economics and an established design. They have provided ten times more capacity for more than 10 years. 

The Cisco CRS-X provides advanced service technology and longevity of the system which allows it to offer cloud, mobile and video services efficiently. This elastic center is smart and programmable, offering up to 400GB of data per slot.

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