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If you are a trekker and adventure seeker then it is a given that you long to trek in the Garhwal region in the North and North-east Himalayas. With plenty of trekking trails for a beginner and a seasoned trekker it gets difficult to choose from. So, to give you an idea as to where to start your journey here is the list of Top Treks in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas.

Har ki Dun Trek

If you are a fan of history and culture, Har ki Dun trail in the Garhwal region of Himalayas is the one for you. Har ki Dun is known to be one of the oldest trekking routes in the history of trekking. You can relish in the whispers of the legends of Pandavas ascending towards heaven from this very route.

Explore villages as ancient as time itself and watch the locals of the village in authenticity. You can witness the glorious Baspa Valley which makes up for the main source of Yamuna River. It houses green verdant meadows, beautiful lakes, mountain views, all with the flavour of History. Har ki Dun has everything from rivers, mountains and the beautiful valleys.  

Trek Distance: 44 km

Trek Altitude: 12,000 ft

Difficulty Level: moderate

Best Season: October to February

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand is the perfect trek if you are looking forward to trekking in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. Because of its unique trail that is sacred to flowers blooming in the region, it is a declared UNESCO world heritage site.

Valley of flowers is a hit among backpackers across the world for its varied shades of scenery. The surreal trek of Valley of Flowers takes you to another world with its rich flora and fauna and you can relax in the company of nature. The trekking trail also goes all the way to a Sikh Gurdwara of  Hemkund Sahib where you will find a still lake with the peaceful environment to wash away all your tiredness.

Trek Distance: 40 km

Trek Altitude: 14,200 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Season: June to October

Roopkund Trek

The Roopkund trek set to seek out Roopkund Lake at an elevation of 16,499 ft in the Chamoli district is popular for its mysterious nature. It  is found that there are human skeletons at the bottom of the Roopkund Lake and this baffled the archeologists and some of the adventure seekers. Roopkund has also earned its name for natural vistas on its trail like breathtaking views of lush forests and wild flora. You need to walk through dense forests of oak and pine trees weighed down by snow, beautiful alpine meadows and heavenly abodes of snow carpeted fields. You can even get a peek of some infamous snow covered mountain peaks like Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. The prime challenge on this trek is Acclimatization because of its altitude gain on the trail which makes Roopkund one of the most challenging treks in the world. 

Trek Distance: 53 km

Trek Altitude: 16,000 ft

Best Season: August to October

Level of Difficulty: Difficult

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek calls for a picturesque trail with humble hamlets and looming summit at a height of 12,500 ft right from the very first day. The tall trees of Pine and Oak look magical with dusted snow and the clear blue sky which looks like one with the summit of Kedarkantha. The sun plays hide and seek as you walk through the dense forests of Kedarkantha. Deodar trees with colourful shades feature the trail of this trek and you will be delighted to see the beautiful shrubs all covered in snow. Your trail takes you to the serene and sacred spot of Juda-ka-Talab where you can camp for the day and see the most beautiful sunrise.

To conquer the looming summit of Kedarkantha is the prime attraction among the trekkers and with one comes the another treat of mountain views from that height. You can witness the total of 13 Himalayan peaks in all its brilliance from the top of Kedarkantha. As the summit is at a daunting height of 12,500 ft you get a complete 360-Degree view without any hindrance. You can even camp in the snow under the starry night with the most beautiful of views. Kedarkantha trek is best done in the month of winter when there is fresh snow and the whole environment looks crystal clear and untouched.

Nag Tibba Trek 

Nag Tibba is considered to be one of the highest peaks in the lower Himalayan region that too in Garhwal region. If you are a first timer and want to experience all that Himalayan trek have to offer then Nag Tibba is just the place for you to start with its weekend trek plan. Standing tall at an altitude of 10000 ft, this relatively less explored trail of Nag Tibba gives you stunning views of the Gangotri and Doon Valley. Also some of the mountain peaks like Bandarpunch and Changabang are visible from the top of the Nag Tibba. Winter months are an absolute delight for the trekkers to experience some fresh snowfall and watch the white covered forests and landscapes. As you edge closer toward the ridge walk you will be awestruck by the view of Spiti valley.

Trek Distance: 15 km

Trek Altitude: 10,000 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Season: November to March

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The integrated Heaven on earth (Kashmir) offers an enthralling trek that brings you across seven sizable lakes. This lake is equally popular as the Gokyo Lakes of Gokyo Treks Nepal in terms of natural beauties and its pristine lakes. The highest altitude is 13,697 feet above sea level, but it is just a mere part of this journey. At the same time, the haul is all that radiates the aura of the lakes. For nine days, you stride through mountainous vegetation to come across seven gleaming blue lakes. It starts from Sonamarg and ends at Narang after covering a distance of 69 km.

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