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The official Google IDE for native Android application development is now Android Studio. It was first unveiled as the replacement to Eclipse at Google I/O 2013 and was widely praised by the Android community. It is based on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA. The final version was announced in December of last year, following a lengthy beta period.

Android Studio is a full-featured development environment that includes everything you’ll need to create Android apps for everything from smart watches to cars. There’s always space for improvement, and Android Studio supports third-party plug-ins, some of which are listed in this page.

a.X.M (H.a.X.M) (H.a.X.M (Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager)

H.A.X.M is the ideal solution for Android Emulator developers to speed up the execution of their apps. On Intel computers, H.A.X.M enables hardware acceleration for Android SDK emulators. It makes use of Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT), which is based on the VT-X virtualization technology. This refers to processors that support virtualization, which allows programmers to run faster in simulated Android environments. H.A.X.M is, in my opinion, the most useful plugin an Android developer can have for running the most recent Android version on the emulator as quickly as possible.

Installing H.a.X.M

Select “Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer)” in the Android SDK Manager, accept the license, and install the package.

Although this method downloaded the package, it did not install H.A.X.M. To complete the installation, navigate to the SDK path C: UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalAndroidsdk (this installation is on a Windows machine) and look for the download folder. C: UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalAndroidsdkextrasintel was my. Continue the installation by opening the Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager folder and clicking the executable intelhaxm-android. You are now ready to utilize the emulator after this installation.


Genymotion is the perfect solution for testing your Android app and allowing you to run custom Android versions. It’s designed to run inside Virtual Box and has all of the sensors and functionality required to interact with a virtual Android environment. Genymotion allows you to develop and test Android apps on a variety of virtual devices, and its emulators are far faster than the default emulator.

This fantastic plugin should be used by any developer who wants to ensure that their programmer functions well on all supported devices and has problems resolving specific device errors.

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Importer for Android Drawables

Each Android project includes a draw able folder that adapts to all Android screen sizes and densities. Any Android developer understands that in order to support all screen sizes, you need to import distinct drawables for each screen type. This task is made easier with the Android Drawable Importer. It cuts down on the time it takes to import scaled photos into an Android project. The Android Drawable Importer now has the ability to import drawables in various resolutions as well as scale a specified image to a specific resolution. Every developer’s work with drawables will be sped up using this plugin.

Zelezny ButterKnife

Android ButterKnife is an Android “View Injection Library.” It improves the visibility and readability of code. Instead of writing glue code to find views or add listeners, ButterKnife allows you to focus on the logic. In order to program me with ButterKnife, you must inject arbitrary objects, which take the following form:

If you only have one or two injections, writing them in the source file isn’t a problem, but if you have more, you’ll need to refer to all of the layout XMLs.

Android ButterKnife Zelezny is an Android Studio Plugin that generates ButterKnife injections from layout XMLs in activities, fragments, and adapters. The plugin will produce your XML object injections in the quickest method possible.

Holo Colors Generator for Android

To create Android apps, you’ll need a fantastic design and layout. The Android Holo Colors Generator is the simplest method to make your Android app reflect your personal tastes. The Android Holo Colors Generator plugin allows you to create Android layout components for your application using your chosen colors. This plugin will create all of the assets you’ll need for your project, including XML drawables and styles.

Robotium Recorder

Robotium Recorder is a platform for automating the testing of native and hybrid mobile apps on emulators and Android devices. It’s possible to record test cases and user behaviors with Robotium Recorder. On several Android activities, you can see system functions and user test scenarios.

With Robotium Recorder, you can observe what’s going on with your app while it’s running on your smartphone, whether it’s working correctly or reacting appropriately to user activities. This plugin is useful for extensive testing for anyone trying to produce stable Android applications.

Jimu Reflection

Android Studio is provided with a visual layout editor, yet a static display of the layout might not be adequate. Because it’s impossible to preview motion, colors, or touch zones with a static preview, jimu Mirror is a plugin that lets you test your layout on the fly on a real device. On-device previews of Android layouts that change as you code are provided by Jimu Mirror. This plugin provides a realistic environment for you to code in before you begin.


Strings-xml-tools is a simple yet effective plugin for managing string resources in Android projects. It allows you to arrange entries in Android localization files and add missing strings using basic procedures. Although the plugin has limitations, it may be useful if your application has a huge amount of string resources.

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