The Benefits Of Prenatal Pilates And Exercise


When you are pregnant there is a lot to think about in order to to help your baby develop and grow and stay safe and healthy as it does. What you eat, taking vitamins, check-ups, exercise, it is not just about the baby it is also about the woman being as healthy as she can be. It is better for mother and child and better for the approaching delivery. As a woman progresses in pregnancy her body changes a lot and many women experienced aches and pains like backache as hips broaden, the weight of the baby increases and hormones are released. A great way to manage emotional health, physical health, prepare for the delivery and ease some of those aches is to find a prenatal Pilates Tulse Hill class to attend. Here is a closer look at the benefits this exercise can bring.

Benefits of prenatal Pilates

Here is a look at just a few of the advantages doing Pilates while pregnant with a trained instructor can bring. This is an exercise that with a good instructor and adjustments you can do from trimester one, through trimester two and even into trimester three!

  • Pilates is a great exercise to do to improve overall strength throughout the body. With a stronger body, you can handle the extra weight of the baby easier and be more ready for the birth.
  • Pilates teaches focussed breathing which is a technique that can prove very important during labour. It helps improve blood circulation and therefore your body is getting more oxygen.
  • During pregnancy, the pelvic muscles and stomach muscles can weaken. But with Pilates Tulse Hill, a lot of the movements help improve that and that can help ease the stress on your back too as well as prepare the pelvis for the baby when it is time.
  • As well as the breathing being important during childbirth, you will discover that the focus on lateral breathing helps with rib cage mobility and that makes the 3rd trimester more comfortable when the baby is in a higher position and running out of room!
  • Attending regular prenatal pilates Tulse Hill or where you are is a great way to reduce stress, focus on yourself, and help with fatigue.
  • If you are experiencing swelling and inflammation with certain joints then the movements of Pilates can really help improve this.


Attending pilates Tulse Hill is a great exercise to help with physical health and strength as well as being good for you mentally and emotionally too. While there are several options a pregnant woman might consider for some regular exercise and movement, Pilates with a professional trainer aimed at prenatal women is one of the best programs for the wide range of benefits you and your baby can enjoy. Dealing with th changes that come with pregnancy can be hard on some women so Pilates can be a great way to to minimise aches and pains and feel better about the whole process.

Bio – Piccolo Pilates brings Pilates classes designed by Georgie Morrow to the Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill area in South London. Designed to build your strength, enhance your movement and connect you to your body. Currently focusing on pre and post natal classes but more classes coming soon. Pregnancy evening class run at The Effra space in Brixton on a Monday night. Mum and Baby Pilates run at The Yellow Qube in Tulse Hill on Wednesday Mornings. Post Natal Pilates run at The Carnegie Library in Herne Hill on Tuesday evenings.

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